Supply Chain Management Best Practice
Supply Chain Management

Initial Position:
• Purchasing of the Group has been undergoing a transformation process for some time. Various measures and steps have already been initiated and partially implemented.
• Due to various and, above all, market-related changes, the SCM would like to think about how it will continue to provide good input to the Group's success.
• As the mobility provider undergoes a change by e.g. new customer needs, new mobility providers and regulatory developments, innovation is the focus of all the company's efforts.

• Sensitizing and developing a common awareness of innovation.
• Developing a common understanding of innovation in the company.
• Definition of initial ideas and measures for sustainable innovations in purchasing.

• Implementation of a short Eigenland® pilot workshop with approx. 100 participants from the purchasing department.
• Use of the short Eigenland® session as part of a transformation event, in addition to guest speakers and internal speakers.
• In the interactive session at round tables, the participants explored their assessments and attitudes in two fields of action on the topic of innovations in purchasing, in order to shape them in common discourse and to develop initial ideas.

• Stimulating an open discussion of participants in a very short time with simultaneous interactive and cross-national exchanges of experiences between all participants.
• Definition of good first ideas and impulses for necessary measures for innovation identification and implementation.
• Definition of initial starting points for the further procedure of purchasing.