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Participants become

Inspire your teams, customers and participants with a playful and effective event element and move people with interactive impulse presentations. With eigenland® you can design interactive events that get to the heart of your topics, stay in people's minds and have an impact - whether hybrid, online or in person.

Participative & playful
- the difference in effect

Only if people know and understand the necessity and the sense of change and have the chance to participate, they are motivated to support and advance topics. 

With the eigenland® system, you turn those affected into participants and shape your transformation and development topics with joy and ease in interactive and playful workshops, seminars and events.

  • eigenland Multisense Workshop

    Develop attitude & anchor behavior

    Already during the event the participants achieve a common awareness and have the desire to shape the topics together. Through new perspectives the own behavior is reflected, the attitude is developed and as a result new behavior is promoted.

  • eigenland Online Thesenbewertung

    Fast, concrete, to the point

    The structured and creative process makes it easy for participants to generate new insights and ideas in a very short time. Through the immediate evaluation of the results, perspectives quickly become visible.

  • eigenland Workshop

    Exchange of experiences

    Through intuitive thesis evaluation, the experiential knowledge of teams becomes visible and discussable. The subsequent rational discussion brings people into a valuable (cross-company) exchange of experience on any topic.

  • eigenland Multisense workshop

    Activated participants

    You experience energy, joy, smiling faces and impact. A shared perspective, an emotional YES and the desire to move forward with your plans are the result of your event.

eigenland Zertifizierung

Maximum practical & inspiring

With an interactive impulse that gets to the heart of the core messages for your participants, motivates them with innovative examples, vital success patterns and practical tips that can be implemented directly, you will make your event decidedly more successful.

Tailor-made for your event, the interactive impulse brings positive energy and stimulates the participants to think in a sustainable way. Our experience ranges from management meetings in Dax companies to medium-sized businesses and kick-off events in public institutions.

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eigenland Hall of fame Gertrud Demmler
Dr. Gertrud Demmler, Member of the Board of Management SBK Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse

We held our interactive Management Meeting 2020 with around 200 executives. It was important to me that we create a common future image of "quality in leadership" among all participants. Through a mix of plenary dialog, impulses and the playful eigenland® workshop, many ideas were discussed and insights gained. Together we "charged up" and activated ourselves for the topics of leadership of the future, our values and our meaning. The guidance by eigenland® was simply refreshingly clear and the approach playful and thus not so cerebral. Therefore, we are happy to use the eigenland® system in subsequent processes as well.

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Uses that suit you

The eigenland® system can be used quickly and flexibly for your organization and is 100% tailored to your topics and objectives.

  • For each entrepreneurial field of action

    in the context of change & transformation: strategy development, culture change, collaboration, sustainability, innovation, future vision...

  • For all frameworks & formats

    online, hybrid or presence for your events, pulse checks, kick-offs, seminars and workshops

  • For any size of organization

    from small medium-sized businesses to corporate groups

  • For every personality structure

    From board member to trainee

  • Arbitrarily scalable

    whether 2 or 8 hours, whether 5 or 500 workshop participants

Fill up with new knowledge & exchange experiences

The Best Practices report on the use of eigenland® Online and eigenland® Multisense at renowned events. Contents of keynote speeches are extended in a practical way in the eigenland® session, best practices are shared, new ideas emerge and incidentally people are connected.

event / Change Management / 40 participants

Change Revolution Days

eigenland Veranstaltung

event / Service desk / 120 participants


Ambidexterity as an organizational principle!

eigenland Session Euroforum

event / New Work / 25 participatns

HR Campus

Wolfram Sauer

We value eigenland as a partner in our New Work Sessions. eigenland promotes the exchange between participants with different professional backgrounds and experiences. Contents are "extended" in a practical way through impulse lectures and through the exchange with the eigenland® method. In this way, participants become actors and can quickly experience the topic of New Work and take away new inspiration for everyday work.

(Wolfram Sauer, Head of Public Affairs at New Work SE)

eigenland hall of fame Wolfram Sauer

event / New Work / 40 participants

Playful exchange of experiences at XING New Work Sessions

xing new work eigenland Session

event / Corporate Culture / 80 participants

Corporate Culture Jam

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Schwuchow

eigenland® inspires the participants of our HR conferences. With the workshop method it is possible to mobilize the collective cognitive and emotional intelligence of everyone in such a way that visible results arise very quickly. It motivates and mobilizes - regardless of whether it is about strategic, structural or cultural problems, hidden treasures of knowledge are unearthed, new perspectives are discovered and creative solutions are developed.

(Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Schwuchow, University of Bremen)

eigenland Hall of Fame Karlheinz Schwuchow
eigenland Session Veranstaltung
Take a look at the short video clip and get inspired.

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