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eigenland® Are you ready¿ Box

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- eigenland® Are You Ready¿ Box

Experience movement in your organization and bring teams and your business issues to a new level.
With the eigenland® Are You Ready¿ Boxes, teams are quickly brought into action and the respective field of action can be experienced immediately. In this way, new behaviors are implemented in your organization and energy is sparked for a common goal.
Playful. Effective. Different.

The Are You Ready¿ Box is developed on different topics such as leadership, culture and collaboration.
The Are You Ready¿ Box in the Courage edition was developed in co-creation by Audi AG & eigenland®.

Set the course now for the time after the HomeOffice.

Take a look at the price model and choose the one that suits you best, depending on your needs and intended use. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the mode of action, possible applications and results. 

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The special feature.

Always effective. Always successful.

  • Mutbox Besonderheiten

    Playful and intuitive.

    A varied mix of
    individual and team missions with action-oriented
    and playful tasks including reflection.

  • Mutbox Besonderheiten

    Different and surprising.

    The teams discover and improve their
    courage on their own.
    The self-learning process is stimulated through
    personal experience and, at the same time,
    team and personality development is promoted.

  • Mutbox Besonderheiten

    Structured and creative.

    The individual and team missions tie in with
    everyday work and are designed in
    an exciting level design that builds on one

  • Mutbox Besonderheiten

    High fun factor.

    The Are You Ready Box is simply a pleasure.
    Teams get to know each other better,
    laugh together and support each other
    in achieving individual and team missions.

  • Mutbox Besonderheiten

    Immediately usable.

    Can be used directly in your organization
    with effortless preparation
    and implementation.

Audi und eigenland Co-Creation

eigenland® Are You Ready¿ BoxTheme Courage

New venture.
Make it easy.

- Are You Ready¿ Box on the subject of courage

Discover the motivators in your organization and increase the courage potential of teams. With the Are you ready¿ box on the subject of courage, you take the courage level of your organization to the next level.
In a structured and playful approach, teams independently increase their personal courage potential on a 10-week journey of discovery based on 45-minute missions. Courage leads to new behavior and new behavior leads to new results. With the team development tool, teams are brought into action. Brave behaviors implemented. Lived. And ignites energy.
Fast. Intuitive. Effective.

Try it now?

With the extra kicks, you receive a task from the courage box, which you can apply yourself or in your team and discover your courage potential.

Extra Kicks
Bist Du Bereit Mutbox

With the Are You Ready¿ Box on the subject of courage, you bring the courage potential of your teams to a new level. You can get some impressions in the short video clip.

The playful principle.

A team, consisting of a maximum of six people, embarks on an insightful and innovative 10-week journey of discovery. The team meets once a week for 45 minutes to explore their own courage potential and to increase the courage level in everyday work. In each meeting, one of the black envelopes from the Mutbox is opened, in which there are playful team and individual missions that build on each other.

Each meeting is structured in the same way: 20-minute reflection on the homework, 20-minute joint team mission and 5-minute individual mission. The structured and creative principle ties in with everyday work, promotes an innovative do-it-yourself culture, a positive culture of mistakes and an open culture of dialogue and takes the team's courageous potential to the next level.

  • Mutbox Level

    10 envelopes with instructions for individual and team missions

  • Mutbox Materialien

    All the equipment to handle all missions

  • Documents for up to
    to six participants

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Anna Ehret, Anna Ehret, Head of Corporate Culture, AUDI AG

Innovative do-it-yourself culture, positive error culture and open dialogue culture - with the Are You Ready Box Edition Courage, employees and managers are enabled to independently reach the next level at these levels. Leaving their own comfort zone is fun for the participants and strengthens mutual trust.

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