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Workshops that work

Inspire your participants and make your workshops and seminars a success. Reach your goals faster and achieve better results.
With eigenland® you design workshops after which something really happens.

The result: motivated and activated participants who want to help shape and advance your change project.

The special for you and your participants.

  • Less effort, maximum success

    Gain valuable time and benefit from the all-round carefree package. We support you in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of your workshop. You will benefit not only from the know-how of the eigenland® team, but also from the experience of the eigenland® community.

  • eigenland Multisense Workshop

    Enthusiastic & activated participants

    Achieve better results in less time and use the experience of your employees. In a participative process, the participants help to shape the project, achieve a common awareness and have the desire to move your project forward.

  • eigenland workshop

    Tailored for your needs

    100% tailored to your goals, framework and participants. Together with you, we plan your workshop and create the content individually to advance your project.

  • eigenland Online Thesenbewertung

    Haptic and digital gaming experience

    Experience & result at your eigenland® workshops.
    The playful approach effectively combines multisensory and digital elements so that new ideas and measures are created in a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of fun.

    eigenland® Online

    eigenland® Multisense

  • eigenland Workshop Ergebnisauswertung

    Immediate results

    Get tangible results through immediate evaluation by the eigenland® app in terms of thesis agreement and team unity.

  • eigenland Multisense Workshop

    Shared & appreciative thesis discourse

    Free from hierarchies, functions and opinion leaders, your participants discuss and share perspectives. The atmosphere of the workshop setting leads to your participants automatically speaking from the first-person perspective, thus achieving a shared awareness and attitude. Your topics are designed in a participative, appreciative way.

Find. Define. Manifest.

In-house consultancies, HR, change and culture managers report measurable successes that they would not have achieved without eigenland®.

The use of the eigenland® system is effective at any time of your project. Whether at the start for the needs analysis, for the development of the target picture, during the development and implementation of measures or for the anchoring of results and behaviors.
The contents and the type of application always depend 100% on the topic, the question and the individual framework of the organization.

eigenland Workshop Vorgehen
  • Develop & Start

    Capture the current state and derfining the goals. Together we think about the approach and the ideal start.
    E.g. emotional prelude, first round of dialogue...

  • Make & Move

    Participative implementation of the developed measures and enthusiasm of all employees.
    Developing & learning together.

  • Act & Anchor

    Manifest and reflect on all ideas & actions, values, principles and behaviors in everyday work

eigenland Wirkshop

So easily decided more successful

We are convinced that organizations achieve the greatest possible success when they shape their topics from within with external impulses. 

For your maximum success, we support you according to your wishes and objectives in the efficient preparation, implementation and follow-up of your workshop - always 100% tailored to your framework, goals and topics.

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eigenland Hall of Fame Mario Kestler
Mario Kestler, Managing Director, Haufe Academy in Freiburg, Germany

Without eigenland® we would not have discovered our brand essence, the s.mile project would probably not have existed and we would not have experienced the importance of coaching so closely. It was very instructive to be transparent about which aspects we had consistent views on or completely different views. Bringing these up for discussion brought in an enormous traction. In this respect, we went through a well-founded analysis, incorporated our intuition and quickly arrived at concrete results. And in the process, the whole thing was really fun! The nice thing is that we can always pick up on this playful lightness in the implementation as well.

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change & transformation topics

  • eigenland®


    Inspire your participants with interactive workshops that are fun and quickly lead to new results.
    Together with you, we plan your workshop or seminar and support you in the preparation, implementation and follow-up.

    6.500€ plus VAT
    or more
  • eigenland®

    Impulse lecture

    Activate your participants through innovative practical examples, interaction and directly applicable practical tips that motivate.
    The interactive impulse lecture is individually tailored to your topic, your participants and your goals.

    1.500€ plus VAT.
    or more
  • eigenland®

    use yourself

    Design your topics from the inside out in your organization or with your customers. With the eigenland® certification you learn the entire know-how to conduct eigenland® workshops independently. With the eigenland® license you receive the entire system equipment for individual and permanent use.

    2.400€ plus VAT.
    or less

Perfectly matched to your needs

Any subject, any stage of development, any personality structure - always successful.

  • For any format, any duration

    Whether 2 or 8 hours, whether 5 or 5,000 workshop participants and any number of groups at the same time. Online, hybrid or in presence - the use of eigenland® is scalable and designable as desired.

  • For each entrepreneurial field of action

    Whether strategy development, future image development, cultural change, team workshops, leadership topics, sustainability, digitalization or innovation development - the use of eigenland® accelerates your project.

  • For every personality structure

    Whether management team, trainees, executives, cross functional and cross hierarchical - the use of eigenland® inspires all participants.

  • For any size of organization

    Whether you are a corporate group, a medium-sized business or a public institution - your participants will be thrilled.

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