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Experience and effect.

We are convinced that your Organization has all the necessary tools to be successful. You will achieve this decisive difference between the maximum average results and the greatest possible success if you use the experience and knowledge of your team in a meaningful and participative manner. Together, we plan your workshop or seminar and support you in the efficient and goal-oriented implementation. Individually, your company content will be integrated into the planning, we will plan a concrete approach with quality and speed throughout the process and you will benefit from the experience of the eigenland® community to generate movement in your organization. immediately experienceable and sustainably effective

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We are happy to tell you about best practice examples and think together for your issues and your goals.

eigenland Multisense workshop
Move your issues forward and reach your goals faster. With eigenland® workshops, teams and organizations are empowered to shape their development from within.

The special for you and your participants.

  • eigenland workshop

    Methodical & creative

    By combining a methodical and creative approach, you and your team will gain valuable insights in the shortest possible time.
    The playful approach, multi-sensory and intuitive elements activate your participants to successfully shape your topics in the long term.

  • eigenland Online Thesenbewertung

    Haptic and digital gaming experience.

    In a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of fun at the same time, theses are intuitively evaluated by the participants.
    Free from hierarchies, functions and opinion leaders.

    eigenland® Online

    eigenland® Multisense

  • eigenland Workshop Ergebnisauswertung

    Immediate evaluation.

    Tangible results for the participants through immediate evaluation of the results in terms of agreement with the theses and unity within the team.

  • eigenland Multisense Workshop

    Shared & appreciative thesis discourse.

    Based on the evaluation, the theses are rationally discussed together, perspectives are shared and topics are shaped in a participatory, appreciative way. 
    The atmosphere of the workshop setting leads to your participants automatically speaking from the first-person perspective and thus a shared awareness and attitude are achieved. 

  • Concretization of results.

    In addition to a joint commitment to the goal, numerous concrete ideas, solutions and measures are developed in the appreciative dialog.

Wide range of possibilities.

Use for workshops, conferences, trainings, seminars and pulse checks.
Online, in person or hybrid.

Successful application for every entrepreneurial field of action.
For example, to develop a strategy or vision, a common image of the future, to strengthen a leadership and corporate culture or to develop new products.

Suitable for every personality structure - from management to trainees.

Whether 2 or 8 hours, whether 5 or 5,000 workshop participants and any number of groups at the same time.
- always successful.

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