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The unique combination of emotion and reason leads to surprisingly clear and valuable insights, making the eigenland® system of tools, people and knowledge an inexhaustible source for strategically smart decisions. Your topics and theses, the type and duration of the implementation, everything you can decide individually. Be inspired by exciting best practice examples!

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DMK Group sets the course for a Continuous Improvement Program with eigenland® Online

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André Mönius

Regardless of whether they are 15,000 km apart, from a different cultural background, a huge corporation in Germany or a young NGO in Myanmar - with eigenland® Online, I succeed in bringing all participants into an open and connecting dialogue and making it possible to discuss precisely those topics that are relevant to all those present. Through the interactive session, new insights emerge in a short time and all participants are activated to help shape the workshop.

(André Mönius, Strategy After Sales, AUDI AG)

eigenland Hall of Fame Andre Moenius

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Emotional image of the future as an ideal start

The newly elected school development team of the Gymnasium St. Mauritz starts intuitively and playfully into the new working period

Oliver Bartelt

The eigenland® online workshops produced numerous and very concrete results for our CI program in a short time, which we were able to work with super.
In addition, the team was extremely motivated after the workshop - that was a very good basis for the implementation of our program.

(Oliver Bartelt, Global Head of Corporate Communications, DMK-Group)

eigenland hall of fame Oliver Bartelt

Michael Finger

The eigenland® workshop was certainly a highlight and an essential building block in our re-branding process and made a positive contribution to team building.

(Dipl.-Ing. Michael Finger, CEO, technotrans SE)

eigenland Hall of fame Michael finger

pet food / culture / 20 participatns

How a bold vision leads to a happy culture movement

– MERA - Happier and Happier

Jens Kettler

Fast. Structured. To the point. We have grown very successfully over the past few years. We used the Eigenland® Multisense method in our management workshop in order to develop a common success picture and to know the entrepreneurial fields of action derived from it. With people and methods, we got to the relevant (pain) points and new insights incredibly quickly, worked on our awareness on the side and had developed many concrete ideas and measures after just one day. That was really strong.

(Jens Kettler, Managing Director EDEKA Junior Group Hamburg e.V.)

Jens Kettler

non-profit / future picture / 7 participants

Right To Play Germany sets the course for a successful future

eigenland® pro bono Workshop

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