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Think what we feel.
Learn what we know.

The unique combination of emotion and reason leads to surprisingly clear and valuable insights, making the Eigenland® system of tools, people and knowledge an inexhaustible source for strategically smart decisions. Your topics and theses, the type and duration of the implementation, everything you can decide individually. Read for yourself!

best practice

food / Vision / < 15 Manager


Fast. Structured. To the point.
In just one day, the management team developed a mutual success picture and defined the Golden Circle according to Simon Sinek for themselves! Click here for the best practice example.

logistics / productinnovation / < 15 participants

Product innovation: Effective combination of Eigenland® & Design Thinking

event / New Work / > 30 participants

Playful exchange of experiences at XING New Work Sessions

insurance / vision of future / > 1.000 participants

Creating a vision of the future with 10,000 employees

tourism / corporate culture / > 50 participants

Trainee mission statement in the context of corporate culture

chemistry / corporate culture / > 1.000 participants

Participatory cultural change with the Eigenland® Multisense method

education / create change / > 20 participants

Eigenland® as a lecture format: high learning success rate of the students