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Setting the course for the future with an emotional picture of the future

The Gymnasium St. Mauritz in Münster, as a church-run school, attracts new students every year and is known for its special emphasis as a Christian school and its own innovative capacity.
In order to further strengthen the position of the school and to further expand its unique position, a new school development group is elected every three years to advance the school's themes and to adapt them to the given framework conditions.
The new school development group with its ten members has been in office for a short time and has the goal of defining a common goal or future image for the next three years and, along the way, to increase the general motivation and enthusiasm of the members in order to represent ideas to the teaching staff.

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Intuitive & playful into the start of the work period

At the start of the joint three-year working period, the school development group of the St. Mauritz Gymnasium in Münster held a 1.5-day eigenland Multisense workshop to set the course for joint school development in the coming years.
Principal Anke Wilkens summarizes: "In addition to the general coming together with an aspired we-feeling of the working group, our aim is to make clear how successes can be measured and how they can be recognized."

Shaping the future of the grammar school

  • Impressive well-positioned school based on Christian values and sponsorship.
  • A school development team is responsible, among other things, for strengthening the school's ability to innovate and develop further
  • The new school development team has been newly elected for the next three years and has recently taken office
  • Coming together of the new school development team and strengthening the sense of "we"
  • Defining a vision and common goals for the new school development team for the next three years
  • In addition, the general motivation and enthusiasm of the members is to be increased in order to represent ideas in the teaching community
  • 1.5 day eigenland® workshop with the school development team of the Gymansium St. Mauritz
  • Use of eigenland® Multisense to drive the school development process forward
  • Intuitive evaluation of theses and intensive discussions between the members of the school development team on the defined six fields of action
  • Development of ideas & measures as well as the way to the common goal
  • Vision or picture of success is required to achieve the set goals
  • Joint development of a target image for the new school development team with the dimensions school l team l I
  • Development of measures & ideas for the realization of the vision picture
  • Impressive was the willingness and positive energy of all participants regarding their own and common development

  • Gymnasium St. Mauritz eigenland Workshop

  • Gymnasium St. Mauritz eigenland Workshop

  • Gymnasium St. Mauritz eigenland Workshop

These eigenland Workshop Gymnasium St. Mauritz Englisch
Anke Wilkens Schulleitung Gymnasium St. Mauritz eigenland Hall of Fame
Anke Wilkens, School Director

»We were all enthusiastic about the pleasant and at the same time work-affirming atmosphere.
In addition, we were positively surprised by the efficiency of the workshop tool.The combination of intuition and ratio is simply great and leads to new insights.«