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Transformation with the focus on people

"We've always done it this way" - does this sentence sound familiar? To make change & transformation faster, easier and better, eigenland® accelerates the realization of your goals in a single system.

You benefit from effective tools, the knowledge library with templates, workshop concepts and theses as well as the experiential knowledge of the eigenland® community.

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Your Powersystem

Despite many measures and efforts, change and transformation are often not successful in terms of time, efficiency and quality of results.

With the eigenland® system, you can make your change and transformation topics much more successful. With effective tools, inspiring knowledge transfer and the eigenland® knowledge library you achieve measurable impact. In the present & for a successful future.

eigenland System aus Tools, people & knowledge
  • Tools

    More experience and results in workshops, seminars and events. With eigenland® tools, people & organizations are empowered to shape transformation themselves and accelerate development - digitally, personally & hybrid.

  • People

    The eigenland® community brings together more than 1,500 certified individuals from Dax corporations, medium-sized businesses and institutions. Through attitude, competence and joy in what they do, a trusting exchange at eye level as well as new ideas and power-filled energy is created, according to the motto "together we are more successful than each alone".

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  • Knowledge

    The eigenland® knowledge library with templates, concepts, theses, success patterns and professional expertise simplifies your workshop preparation, implementation and follow-up and accelerates your change project.

Shape change topics effectively
- with the eigenland® tools

eigenland Multisense workshop

eigenland® Multisense effectively combines multisensory and participatory elements in a playful approach. Participants are activated to co-create change and transformation.

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eigenland Online Ergebnisauswertung

With eigenland® Online you will experience interactive and productive online sessions instead of exhausting and tiring online meetings.

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Audi und eigenland Co-Creation

With this playful and effective team development tool, you will quickly bring teams into action and anchor new behaviors in your organization.

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eigenland Workshopequipment

Get certified for the independent use of eigenland® Online and eigenland® Multisense and receive the complete system equipment for your use with the license.

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eigenland Multisense workshop

Benefit from the professional expertise of the eigenland® team and design your change topics in an in-house workshop with the support of the eigenland® team.

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eigenland Zertifizierung

Participants become actors - experience interactive and energetic impulse lectures or use the eigenland® tools at your meetings, seminars and events.

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Change design with success

Get to know the special features of eigenland® in a personal online session.
You will receive
- individual ideas and impulses for the design of your topics
- Insights into the features of the eigenland® system
- Impulses for the possibilities of use in your organization

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