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Transformation with the focus on people

Do you feel like designing workshops and events that produce results and sustainably advance your transformation topics? With the eigenland® tool you can design your workshops in an interactive and participative way and thus achieve the decisive difference in your change process. The playful, human-centered approach puts the focus on people. Multisensory elements and appreciative discussions create a shared awareness and enthusiasm for change among your participants, and your goals are achieved sustainably and successfully. The eigenland® tools can be used flexibly and exactly according to your needs in every phase of the transformation process, whether digitally or in person, as a workshop or event element, to create a shared image of success, to strengthen collaboration in teams or as a pulse check in your process.

Wide range of applications

Use the eigenland® tools independently in your organization and get certified as an eigenland® consultant. Or conduct your workshop or event with the support of the eigenland® team and benefit from the experience of the eigenland® community.
The choice is yours!

Shape change topics effectively
- with the eigenland® tools

eigenland Online Ergebnisauswertung

Design digital workshops, conferences and training courses effective and human-centered.

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eigenland Multisense workshop

The playful approach effectively combines multisensory and digital elements and thus leads to surprising new insights in your workshops and events.

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Audi und eigenland Co-Creation

Playfully to new behaviors 
- with the team development tool
on the topic of courage.

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Benefit from our professional expertise
and design your change topics in an in-house workshop with the support of the eigenland® team. Digital, hybrid or personal.

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eigenland Online Workshop

keynote speech

Impulses, experiences & concrete implementation
ideas. Be inspired by the success patterns of vital organizations.

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eigenland online Impulsvortrag


Participants become actors. Use eigenland® tools at your personal or digital events.

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eigenland Online

Make your choice

You have various possibilities to benefit from eigenland®: You can use the tools eigenland® Multisense and/or eigenland® Online independently and conduct digital or personal workshops after a eigenland® certification. Through the global community with more than 750 eigenland® consultants or rely on the expertise of the Eigenland® team. In any case you will find inspiration and experiences of vital companies through the knowledge transfer of the eigenland® Community.


Learn about the eigenland® “know-how and know-why”, and become authorised to use eigenland® Tools.

Step up your success in designing change topics with eigenland® Multisense and/or eigenland® Online and get your ticket into the eigenland® Community.

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Learn about the impact of eigenland® Tools on organisations as told by inspiring personalities.

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Experience the exchange of knowledge and wisdom in the eigenland® Community for yourself.

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a licence

Use eigenland® Multisense and/or eigenland® Online in your organisation, with your customers, employees and stakeholders or within your value creation chain.

Enjoy full flexibility and freedom – obtain eigenland® Tools with your co-branding and benefit from the eigenland® expertise.

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Get inspiration from the experiences of the eigenland® Community.

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Benefit from the powerful groupthat makes up the eigenland® Community – (100% jerk-free), 100% people with positivity, attitude and expertise.

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Speed up your development processes in person and online with eigenland® tools and capitalise on the experience and knowledge of the eigenland® team for efficient, targeted design and implementation of workshops, seminars, keynote speeches, events and much more.

Implement workshops/seminars in your organisation with the support of the eigenland® team. In person, online or hybrid.

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Benefit from the experience of the eigenland® Community and get to know success patterns of vital organizations.

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Book eigenland® Tools as a participatory, activating component of your management meeting, customer event or employee event.

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