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No matter which project you would like to shape in your organization - with eigenland® you accelerate your change & transformation topics. Whether strategy development, future image design, cultural change, leadership culture or team workshops - you can use the eigenland® system individually and flexibly for your topics and your needs.

You have the choice: You can create your topics from within, independently within the organization, or conduct an eigenland® workshop with the support of the eigenland® team. With both options you benefit from the know-how and expertise of the eigenland® community.

Possible uses,
that suit you

  • Use independently in the organization

    Full freedom with eigenland® certification and the acquisition of the eigenland® license

    With the eigenland® certification, your HR teams, change & culture managers and consultants will be made fit to conduct eigenland® workshops independently in a 1-day training. With the subsequent purchase of an eigenland® license, you will receive the entire equipment for permanent use in your organization.

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  • eigenland® Team

    Using the experience of the eigenland® team

    Benefit from the experience and know-how of the eigenland® team and get the all-round carefree package. Together with and for you, we take over the conception, implementation and follow-up of workshops, seminars, impulse lectures and events.

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  • eigenland® Community

    Using the experience of the eigenland® community

    The eigenland® community brings together more than 1,500 certified eigenland® consultants from DAX-listed companies, medium-sized businesses and public institutions. We would be happy to connect you with people who are suitable in terms of subject matter and expertise and who can support you in your projects.

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Flexible & individual

for your needs

  • Certification

    & license

    Create your themes from the inside out and acquire the right to use the eigenland® system independently.

  • eigenland®


    Benefit from the experience of the eigenland® team in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of your workshops.

  • event


    Use eigenland® as an interactive event element for your meetings and conferences to activate your participants.

Frequently asked questions

For whom is the eigenland® system recommended?

For all those who want to advance their topics around transformation & change particularly effectively ... [more]

Since our founding in 2016, many organizations in more than 20 countries are already using the eigenland® system to shape their present and future in a participatory way. From the board of directors to the trainee. From small medium-sized businesses to large corporations. At every stage of development. Among them are e.g.

  • Corporations

    Covestro AG, Audi AG, Siemens, Linde, Allianz et al.

  • Medium-sized

    Haufe Group, LVM Versicherung, large, medium-sized and small banks and savings banks, Manz AG, AEB Software SE, apetito, Goldbeck Group, MERA Tiernahrung GmbH, GuideCom et al.

  • Public institutions

    Digitization office of the city of Bielefeld, district of Osnabrück, city of Hamburg, professional fire department Munich et al.

  • Consultants

    zeb, Haufe Consulting, cyclos Design, next level Consulting, Team Gnesda, MUUUH! Group, noventum Consulting, Great Place to Work, IDW (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer) und andere.

In-house consultancies, HR and change & culture managers report particularly effective uses and numerous points of contact.

For which questions, topics and which maturity level can I use the eigenland® system?

For pretty much all topics around Transformation & Change ... [more]

We have learned from our customers that the eigenland® system is successfully used for the design of meta topics and detailed topics as well as for the implementation of the developed results.

In the context of change & transformation, the use of the eigenland® system is successful for every entrepreneurial field of action: The results are always very concrete and focused on the respective question and objective. Use for example for the topics:

  • Image of the future, image of success
  • Strategy development
  • Culture change
  • Leadership & Team
  • Collaboration, Processes & Structures
  • Sustainability
  • Digitalization
  • Innovation
  • ...

How can I use the eigenland® system?

You have the choice: independently in your organization or at your customers, with the support of the eigenland® team ... [more]

You have three possibilities to use the eigenland® system for your topics:

  • Eigenständig in Eurer Organisation

    Through our own change managers, trainers and consultants.
    These are certified once by us in a 1-day training to conduct digital, personal and hybrid workshops themselves. With a company-related license for a tool eigenland® Multisense and/or eigenland® Online you receive the entire equipment for the permanent and flexible use in your organization.
    No matter if you are a company, a public institution or a management consultancy.

  • eigenland® Community

    Through professionally and personally suitable certified consultants from the eigenland® community.

  • eigenland® Team

    Benefit from the professional expertise of the eigenland® team and conduct your workshop or event with the support and moderation of the eigenland® team.

Choose the variant that best suits your needs. In any case, you will receive impulses & experiences of vital organizations through the knowledge transfer of the eigenland® community.
We will be happy to give you recommendations on which approach makes the most sense for you in terms of content and economy.

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Together we will talk about your goals and think about how you can make your change & transformation topics faster and better with eigenland®.

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