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Hi, we are eigenland® - your enabler, sparring partner and accelerator in shaping change and transformation in an effective and people-centered way.

At eigenland®, we have one mission: "To empower people and organizations to shape their topics from within.". We are convinced that organizations already have everything they need to be successful. The crucial difference is made when knowledge and experience are used in a meaningful and participative way.
Based on our philosophy, we are not a classic consulting company. We develop innovative tools and platforms that help people and organizations effectively achieve their goals with joy and ease.
High quality and high speed - that is our goal.
Power Principles eigenland Team
With a power team and a global community of more than 1,300 eigenland® consultants, we work to make the world a more successful place for people and organizations. Our thoughts and actions are always aligned with our Power Principles.

Responsibility for organizations, people & our planet

Everything we do is a choice and impacts people, organizations and our planet. In the present and for the future.

Our goal: A good balance between the three columns of ecology, economy and social issues. We take a holistic approach and observe the complex interaction between people and organizations. And we see economic existence as a condition for diverse, sustainable possibilities for shaping the future.

The guiding principle " Not at the expense of tomorrow, not at the expense of somewhere else and fundamentally not at the expense of others" forms the framework of our actions for ourselves and our suppliers.

At the same time, we are aware of our journey, are far from being at the end and can improve every day. We have a great desire to achieve ambitious goals together with our customers and partners in the present and in the future.

Our home - our planet

- Everything we do affects the planet.
Since the end of 2017, eigenland® has been working with the social start-up treedom. The trees we plant around the world with treedom have great goals: Not only do they make the world a little greener and help the environment, but they also support small local farmers. We plant trees for the certified eigenland® consultants and on special occasions every now and then in between. treedom therefore has ecological and social benefits.

We continue to develop our products from a sustainable perspective, use new materials, develop digital solutions, purchase green electricity, have been sending letters and parcels with GoGreen from the German postal service since 2018, travel extensively by bicycle and public transport, and have a general ban on air travel for business trips within Germany.

Impact of organizations

Everything we do has an impact on financial success.

 Our primary goal is to continuously improve and develop our products and services in order to be able to use more opportunities in the shaping of transformation and change projects as part of our growth. A condition for this goal is, among other things, an adequate company result. However, the focus is not on profit maximization.
In addition, we act as a driving force for sustainability-oriented instruments as well as sustainable corporate strategies in certain areas - the latter, however, are not to be confused with sustainability strategies.

We believe that the ideal economic success is always a consequence of excellent strategic, operational work including the conscious shaping of the organizational culture. But not a permanently motivating goal.

The Power of People

- Everything we do affects people.

We believe in the "power of people". That's why we make sure that we consistently focus on the needs of people. Not only in the eigenland® community and our customers and partners. But also with our team.
Internally, this includes e.g.
• Cooperation according to an integral organizational model and principles that enable self-determined action and support potential development
• the individual worktime models
• the cultural fit between the values and guiding principles of our organization and the team members

Externally, we support small farmers worldwide (through Treedom), social projects through pro bono workshops and, based on our DNA, we consistently align our products and services with people's needs.

If you can dream it, we can make it - the team

The eigenland® team unites passionate 'doers', creative minds, consultants & strategists with a lot of passion, power, attitude and competence. We are burning to make the world more successful for people and organizations with creative ideas, effective procedures, innovative tools and methods.
We combine diverse know-how with personal exprience from different orrganizations and companies with a strong know-Why of a value-oriented mentality.
Sie haben Lust Ihre Power bei uns zu leben und sich weiterzuentwickeln?
Dann bewerben Sie sich jetzt. Wir freuen uns auch jederzeit über Initiativbewerbungen.
Founder & CEO
eigenland Team Jan Oßenbrink

Jan is an energetic idea machine and usually comes up with an implementation plan right away. He has an infectious laugh and likes nothing more than to work with people and development. His focus? Strategy, management, innovation, teams ...

Full steam ahead with both the heart and the mind – the ideal combination.

Founder & CEO
eigenland Team Utz Florian Staiger

As co-founder, CEO, optimist and humanitarian, Utz works with customers in southern Germany and also handles our Legal & Finance and Foreign Affairs departments.

People, countries, adventure ... or: nothing is impossible! 

Product & Consulting Manager
eigenland Team Nora Mönning

As an all-rounder, Nora unites people, methods and topics in consulting/conception/product development and finds a creative solution for everything.

Just go for it.

People & Organisation Manager
eigenland Team Annegret Rothe

As an organisational wonderwoman, Annegret holds everything together and creates a good atmosphere for our customers and us.

We’ve got this!

Economics Manager
eigenland Team Marion Kuhlmann

Facts and figures are Marion’s focus in our Economics department. 

Even detours broaden your horizons.
(Ernst Ferstl)
Marketing & Events Manager
eigenland Team Vanessa Derksen

An eternal optimist, Vanessa organises everything that goes into marketing and events – always with a smile and coordination skills.

Keep on rocking!

Independent Senior Developer
Sascha Brockmann

regional partner

Independent regional partner
Gitta Grobert eigenland Regionalpartnerin
Independent regional partner
Marie Bernadette Cals
Independent regional partner
eigenland Regionalpartner Steffen Wienberg