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Founder & CEO

Jan is an energetic idea machine and usually comes up with an implementation plan right away. He has an infectious laugh and likes nothing more than to work with people and development. His focus? Strategy, management, innovation, teams ...

Full steam ahead with both the heart and the mind – the ideal combination.

Founder & CEO

As co-founder, CEO, optimist and humanitarian, Utz works with customers in southern Germany and also handles our Legal & Finance and Foreign Affairs departments.

People, countries, adventure ... or: nothing is impossible! 

Product & Consulting Manager

As an all-rounder, Nora unites people, methods and topics in consulting/conception/product development and finds a creative solution for everything.

Just go for it.

Key Account & Consulting Manager

Tonio enjoys making things happen and is a good listener, so he feels right at home in consulting and key account management. He likes interesting conversations and gets excited about new perspectives, innovations and entrepreneurial action. 

Take the plunge.

Marketing & Events Manager

An eternal optimist, Vanessa organises everything that goes into marketing and events – always with a smile and coordination skills.

Keep on rocking!

Community & Design Manager

As a media designer, Joshi focusses on the visuals involved in our brands and services. We consider intuition one of the key building blocks in both the design and methodologies of our workshops.

Everything is just what we make of it.

People & Organisation Manager

As an organisational wonderwoman, Annegret holds everything together and creates a good atmosphere for our customers and us.

We’ve got this!

Economics Manager

Facts and figures are Marion’s focus in our Economics department. 

Even detours broaden your horizons.
(Ernst Ferstl)
Stuttgart Sales Partner
Stuttgart Sales Partner

Dies ist ein Typoblindtext. An ihm kann man sehen, ob alle Buchstaben da sind und wie sie aussehen. Manchmal benutzt man Worte wie Hamburgefonts.

Independent Senior Developer