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Share knowledge, network, advance topics. . Experience a lively exchange of experiences with people who are mastering the same challenges as you. The eigenland® community brings together more than 1,500 certified eigenland® consultants from DAX-listed companies, medium-sized businesses and public institutions.
We are all united by the motto "Together we are more successful than each of us alone". This creates a lively exchange of experience on a common basis of trust - honestly, authentically, and at eye level at all times.

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The eigenland® Community continues to grow –
and with it, the aggregate experience and expertise.

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Learn from one another.
Grow with one another.

Your benefits in the eigenland community

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    Valuable collaborations and partnerships

    Get to know exciting people who tick just like you. Connect with active designers for a successful present and future.

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    Knowledge transfer & exchange of experience

    Connecting shared values. 
    Benefit from the synergies of the eigenland® community and gather impulses for the successful design of your topics.

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    Access to all services of the eigenland® system

    Speed up the creation of your topics by accessing the eigenland® knowledge library with templates, theses, concepts and much more.

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    Exclusive price discounts for events

    Get access to exclusive events and exciting happenings. As a member of the eigenland® community you will receive price advantages and the chance to win free tickets.

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    Right to independently conduct eigenland® workshops

    After participating in the eigenland® certification, you are a member of the eigenland® community and have the know-how to independently design eigenland® workshops.


Gitta und Marie
Marie & Gitta, Managing Directors, Future People

In everything we do, we believe in the power of community!" Nowhere else are these words filled with so much life as in the eigenland Community®. We are always delighted to see how quickly we find an answer in the community when we don't know what to do ourselves. Just ask around and you'll find an expert who is willing to share his or her knowledge. And they're also super friendly. This has already resulted in many valuable contacts. That's just great class!


Joy, in what we do


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How to become part of the eigenland® community

The eigenland® Community brings together more than 1,500 certified eigenland® consultants who are using the eigenland® system to successfully manage change and transformation issues in their organizations or with their clients.

Get certified as an eigenland® consultant and receive the right to conduct eigenland® workshops on your own. Of course, you will benefit from all the advantages of the eigenland® community.

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eigenland® Community

The eigenland® community forest at treedom grows with every certified eigenland® consultant:in. And the trees that are planted have big goals: They make the world a little greener and help local smallholders.

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Worldwide use of the eigenland® system by these and many other partners from corporations, medium-sized companies and institutions.


Shift Happens – Podcast

Mareike Matthies (Shift O PS, Siemens AG) and Nora Mönning (Manager Product & Consulting, Eigenland GmbH) talk about what is special about eigenland® tools for accelerating development and transformation processes.
What are eigenland® Multisense and eigenland® Online best used for? What is the ideal setting for an eigenland® workshop? And what is the process of an eigenland® workshop?

Listen now

Big Ideas

Best practices, ideas & Tipps

Experience a familiar atmosphere, exciting best practices and get to know inspirations and impulses for the design of your topics in the eigenland® Online Academy.

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The eigenland® system is used worldwide by these and many other partners from corporations, medium-sized businesses, institutions and consultancies. A common goal: successfully shaping the present & future.
zeb eigenland Lizenzpartner

Europe’s leading strategy and management consultancy in the financial services sector


Marion Pfaller

View profile
LVM Versicherung eigenland Lizenzpartner

“The special relationship of trust between our customers and our representatives distinguishes us.”


Beate Wichmann

View profile
Culture Change Management

“Culture eats digital for breakfast – we like both. We design work to make it attractive and successful.”


Jan Helmchen
Consultant / Culture Change Management

View profile
TMC eigenland Lizenzpartner

The full service marketing agency TMC connects BRANDS, PEOPLE and MARKETS in the digital world.


Mirco Welsing: 

View profile
kerkhoff group

Multi award-winning consultancy for SCM/purchasing and procurement. The consultants are experts in purchasing, supply chain management and lean management. 


Chong-Ho Hwang

View profile

IMAP is systemic organisational consulting provider. “We are experts on the themes of change and culture.” 


Anne-Christin Krämer:

View profile
soluvia energy services eigenland Lizenzpartner

Soluvia Energy Services – skilled system services for networks and markets in the energy sector.


Karen Zysno

View profile

Identifire is Austria’s premiere agency for employer branding and corporate culture.


Karin Krobath

View profile

cyclos is an experienced branding agency based in Münster and Berlin. Strategically well-founded, consistent in the consulting process and excellent in design.

Jutta Schnieders

View profile
Collaboration Design

Collaborative learning and working are the foundations for success in network organisations.


Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai, Change Companion | Founder

View profile
zeitgeist eigenland Lizenzpartner

ZEITGEIST, the expert consulting factory for all aspects of today’s customer management.


Sandra Gnoth

View profile
Foltin Future

Foltin Future Consulting works on the design of future-oriented workplaces and putting them into practice to promote change management in companies.


Eckhard Foltin

View profile
Gute Botschafter

Meaningful brand management: Strategic, authentic positioning of brands with full-purpose agency services for experiential brand communications, digital marketing and online positioning.


Daniel Hambach

View profile
teamgnesda eigenland Lizenzpartner

“We develop and design sensible working worlds. For us, this means synchronising work, value and personal relationships. We connect people and their spaces.”


Katja Hausmann-Bauer

View profile
Muuuh Consulting eigenland Lizenzpartner

“We stand for creating maximum value in customer acquisition, retention and making use of customer potential.”


Matthias Schulte

View profile

TME AG is a member of the Christ&Company Group with headquarters in Frankfurt. As a consulting company, they provide support with challenges in digitisation, transformation and HR. 


Christiaan Eckhart

View profile
Fuchs von Morgen

Specialists in the design of the personal and entrepreneurial future. Consulting and support for companies, teams and individuals on their unique path to tomorrow. 


Carsten Fuchs 

View profile

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