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"There must be better way" - this was the decisive impulse for the development of the Eigenland® Multisense method. The idea to invent the Eigenland® method was born directly after a workshop, that was dominated by some individuals, only few new insights were gained, joy was missing and too little happened after the workshop. An interdisciplinary team then developed its own innovative workshop concept, which combines multi-sensory and digital elements in a playful approach to unfold the potential of people and make workshops effective. Today, the Multisense method has evolved to an integrative system of „People, Knowledge and Tools“ and is used by 750 certified consultants from DAX-listed companies, medium-sized businesses and institutions in order to accelerate development and make change topics human-centered and particularly effective: intuitive - playful - participative and effective.

At Eigenland®, we are brimming with passion and new ideas. Get inspired. 

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We are convinced that everything an organization needs in order to be successful already exists in the organization. Achieve the greatest possible success instead of average results - by using the experience and knowledge of teams in a meaningful and participatory way. The intuitive knowledge and the wealth of experience of all participants will activate and bundle most effectively with the integrative Eigenland® System, which you can use in a goal-oriented way. Thus an impressive creative power is created - for better decisions.


Learn, develop, act: With Eigenland® products, you can design transformation processes with high quality and speed. For any stage of development. For every area where action is called for in your business.

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Get to know the Eigenland® Community better! Come to one of the next events: Experience a casual, communicative atmosphere and interesting people with a strong mindset – all with a high level of trust and confidentiality. 

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Become part of the Eigenland® Community and learn more about the success methodologies other organisations and people use. Network with other passionate people, including 750 certified Eigenland® consultants.

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Flexible solutions that grow with you. The price model reacts to your current situation and future company development as dynamically as your strategy planning.

Our products and services are scalable and can be combined into bundles.

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Fill up on inspiration, make new contacts, exchange experiences... all in a relaxed atmosphere. Experience a community with shared values and goals – together we can step up our success! 

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