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You've probably experienced a workshop where individuals dominated the group, few new results emerged, and after the workshop no:r felt responsible for implementing the ideas discussed? After exactly such a workshop, the idea was born to make workshops more effective, easier and more fun.

The result: the development of an innovative workshop tool. Through participation, intuition and a playful approach, people & teams are empowered to successfully shape their topics from within in the shortest possible time with new results and ideas.

With the eigenland® system you design workshops, seminars and events after which something really happens. Your participants are activated and have the desire to shape the topics and bring them forward.
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Why eigenland® leads to more
effect leads

More commitment and faster success!
In order to successfully shape change and transformation, employees need to be involved.

At eigenland® we are convinced that successful transformation begins with the participatory inclusion of the experience and knowledge of teams - because we are sure that everything needed to be successful is already available in organizations. By using both brain hemispheres, the experiential knowledge of teams becomes discussable and change topics accelerated.

Methodische Hintergründe eigenland
  • Participation

    People make companies successful. The involvement of employees is considered to be the most important influencing factor in the design of change. If people are heard and involved with their wishes, fears and ideas and are invited to participate, the goals of your project will be achieved more quickly.

    With eigenland®, participants work together to develop ideas and solutions, highlight the significance for their everyday work, and make the project their own common theme. Commitment and motivation increase.

  • Gamification

    The playful approach of eigenland® creates a relaxed, light atmosphere in which hierarchies play no role and every opinion is heard. In play, participants feel freer, are open to new experiences and share responsibility for the project from the start. Even complex and uncomfortable topics are solved in an appreciative and constructive way through the playful setting and atmosphere.

  • Intuition & Brain Research

    If your company knew what your company knows....

    There is so much intuitive experiential knowledge in every company. Because with every experience, our knowledge is not only consciously expanded, but also unconsciously. Results from brain and intuition research prove that with 11 million bits of information per second that we humans perceive, only 0.0004% of all messages are perceived consciously. Intuitive experiential knowledge is therefore 99.9996%.

    In addition, we make about 20,000 decisions every day. The number and relevance of decisions is significantly higher in change processes. With eigenland®, intuitive experiential knowledge becomes shareable and discussable. Through intuitive thesis evaluation and only then subsequent rational discussion based on numbers, data and facts, teams achieve completely new results in a very short time.  The quality of decisions is significantly higher.

  • Multisensory

    More attention, a high memory value and quick recognition - the human brain learns more easily when several senses are addressed simultaneously. The haptic game experience, the joint discussion of topics, supported by moderators in a creative, relaxed atmosphere leads to a better anchoring of the content. Achieves more results in less time.

More than just a workshop method

From workshop method to integrative system. The eigenland® journey so far:

  • brand eins beste Berater eigenland


    "The power of colored stones"
    eigenland® in the "Best Consultants 2022" theme issue of Brand eins

  • eigenland Online Moderator


    Further development of the eigenland® workshop method into an integrated system of tools, people & knowledge 
    eigenland® develops into an established tool for change & transformation

  • eigenland Online Thesenbewertung


    For the design of effective online workshops eigenland Online goes online

  • red dot eigenland cycloon design

    April 2020

    eigenland® with a new look & feel
    The new corporate design (developed by cyclos Design) wins the Red Dot Award

  • eigenland zertifizierung


    1,000 certified eigenland® consultants 
    eigenland® is now used by DAX-listed companies, medium-sized businesses, public institutions and consulting firms

  • eigenland Workshop


    eigenland® goes international 
    eigenland® workshops in Copenhagen, Singapore, South Africa and America

  • eigenland GmbH Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle, Jan Oßenbrink, Utz Florian Staiger

    September 2018

    Wolfgang Reitzle as new co-partner of Eigenland GmbH

  • eigenland Büro

    June 2017

    First own rocket base 
    Move to own office in the heart of Haltern am See

  • eigenland Filmdreh

    August 2016

    "The discovery of eigenland®" - a Kristian Gründling film

  • eigenland Workshop

    March 2016

    Foundation of the Eigenland GmbH 
    Starting shot is fired with two license partners and 33 certified eigenland® consultants

  • eigenland Start

    2014 & 2015

    Proof of Concept & Prototype Development
    First workshops with the haufe Group

  • eigenland proof of concept


    Idea & impulse for the development of the eigenland® workshop method

Change design with success

The eigenland® system with the service modules Tools, People and Knowledge promises you the holistic acceleration of your change topics in workshops, seminars and events. All of our services are designed to make it easy for people and organizations to use their existing potential in the organization and to successfully shape change and transformation processes with joy from within.

  • Tools

    Design and implementation assistants

    Experience effective workshops, seminars and events for your change topics. With the participative eigenland® tools you accelerate your topics - digitally, personally and hybrid.

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  • People

    Network with attitude & competence

    Become part of the eigenland® community with more than 1,500 certified eigenland® consultants from DAX companies, medium-sized businesses and public institutions. Through the familiar atmosphere and the trusting exchange at eye level, you will benefit from experience, new ideas and power for the effective design of your change topics.

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  • Knowledge

    Knowledge library for the design of your themes

    Design your change topics quickly and easily with the eigenland® library of workshop templates & concepts, theses, methods and insights. The downloadable materials simplify your workshop preparation, implementation and follow-up and accelerate your design process.

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eigenland® System

In a short video call we think together how the eigenland® system can bring your topics around change & transformation to success faster. You will get an insight into how the eigenland® system works and learn about its special features.

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