Experience effective and participative
workshops, seminars and events
and accelerate your change
& transformation topics.

Get to know tools


Expand your network and benefit from a trusting exchange with more than 1,500 certified eigenland® consultants.

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Simplify your workshop preparation,
-workshop preparation, implementation & follow-up with the
eigenland® library of theses,
templates & concepts.

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eigenland Multisense workshop

More success with your change topics

eigenland® makes your change & transformation much more successful - from development and implementation to reflection and control.
✔️ Involves employees and uses the experience of teams.
✔️ Shapes change and transformation from the inside out.
✔️ Achieve visible success by developing the attitude and behavior of your employees.
✔️Trefft Better decisions

For all who want to make change & transformation better, easier and more successful - in less time.

get to know eigenland®

The most effective change system

eigenland® is the power system for HR teams, change & culture shapers to accelerate change topics from the inside out.

At the same time, eigenland® is anything but ordinary: neither a pure method, nor a typical workshop tool, nor a classic consulting firm. With effective tools, inspiring exchange of experiences and the eigenland® knowledge library you will bring your topics to success.

eigenland Multisense Workshop
  • Tools

    Participative, playful and interactive workshops

    Achieves better results & experiences and convinces with successful impact workshops instead of boring stranglehold workshops.
    The eigenland® tools empower people & organizations to shape transformation themselves.

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  • People

    Network with competent people who tick in the same way as your

    Learn even more and be inspired by the trustworthy knowledge transfer of the eigenland® community with more than 1,500 certified eigenland® consultants from Dax corporations, medium-sized businesses and public institutions.

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  • Knowledge

    Knowledge library with theses, templates & workshop concepts

    Save time in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of your workshops and events. The eigenland® knowledge library simplifies, gives you security and a good feeling for the acceleration of your topics.

    eigenland® Portal

Better results in less time

Change & transformation often do not succeed despite many measures. In order to be successful in the present and at the same time position yourself well for the future, eigenland® accelerates your change & transformation topics - away from boring stranglehold workshops to inspiring impact workshops.

get to know eigenland®

Why eigenland®?

  • All in one system

    Tools, templates, concepts, theses - the most important tools for your change design in a system

  • Individual & flexible

    Usable for your individual framework conditions at the push of a button

  • Participative approach

    Involve people and leverage the intuitive experiential knowledge of teams

  • Ideal for HR teams

    For a successful present & future

  • To the point

    Achieve new insights in the shortest possible time and activate people in the organization

  • Better decisions

    Change design from the inside out. Numbers, data & facts combined with the intuitive knowledge of experience and external impulses.

eigenland Multisense Workshop
Get to know the special features and the mode of action of eigenland® in a short video.

  • Shaping change from

    the inside out

    Get to know the know-how and the right to use the eigenland® system in the eigenland® certification.

    from 950€
  • Double power

    for success

    Use the intuitive experience knowledge of your teams combined with external impulses in an eigenland® workshop.

    from 6.500€
  • Ideas to

    the point

    Inspire your participants with an interactive impulse lecture and turn them into enthusiastic actors.

    from 1.500€

Feel the power of eigenland®

We provide innovative platforms and products that empower teams and organizations to successfully shape their transformation and change processes with joy and ease from within. Strong community, effective tools and inspiring knowledge transfer - for better decisions.