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We provide innovative platforms and products that empower teams and organizations to successfully shape their transformation and change processes with joy and ease from within. Strong community, effective tools and inspiring knowledge transfer - for better decisions.
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A new understanding of management

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About the hemispheres of the brain and feelings of happiness

What makes Eigenland® workshops so successful


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A methodical approach to success

The most important factors for the success
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Use by these and many other partners in corporations, medium-sized companies and institutes around the world.

Jens Kettler / EDEKA Juniorengruppe Hamburg e.V.

“Quick. Structured. Right on the money. We have experienced very successful growth in the last few years. We used the Eigenland® method in our management workshop to develop a shared picture of success and recognise the resulting entrepreneurial action areas. That was really cool.”


Bianca Nunnemann / LVM Versicherung a.G.

“In LVM’s IT department with more than 600 employees, we focussed on a development and implementation process involving Eigenland® right from the start. With Eigenland® and the tools, we create effects that are quickly visible and measurable. And it makes working together fun.”

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You have various possibilities to benefit from Eigenland®: You can use the Eigenland® system independently and conduct digital or personal workshops after a Eigenland® certification. Through the global community with more than 750 Eigenland® consultants or rely on the expertise of the Eigenland® team. In any case you will find inspiration and experiences of vital companies through the knowledge transfer of the Eigenland® Community.


Step up your success in designing change topics with Eigenland® products and get your ticket into the Eigenland® Community.

Learn about the Eigenland® “know-how and know-why”, and become authorised to use Eigenland® Tools.

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Learn about the impact of Eigenland® Tools on organisations as told by inspiring personalities.

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Experience the exchange of knowledge and wisdom in the Eigenland® Community for yourself.

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Use Eigenland® Tools in your organisation, with your customers, employees and stakeholders or within your value creation chain.

Enjoy full flexibility and freedom, obtain Eigenland® Tools with your co-branding and benefit from the Eigenland® expertise

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Train your team to be Eigenland® consultants in order to use Eigenland® Tools in your organisation and/or with customers

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Get inspiration from the experiences of the Eigenland® Community

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Speed up your development processes in person and online with Eigenland® products and capitalise on the experience and knowledge of the Eigenland® team for efficient, targeted design and implementation of workshops, seminars, keynote speeches, events and much more.

Implement workshops/seminars in your organisation with the support of the Eigenland® team. In person or online.

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Benefit from the experience of the Eigenland® Community.

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Book Eigenland® Tools as a participatory, activating component of your management meeting, customer event or employee event.

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Benefit from the powerful group that makes up the Eigenland® Community – (100% jerk-free), 100% people with positivity, attitude and expertise.

Expand your network, exchange experiences and gather new knowledge you can put into practice.

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Become part of the Eigenland® Community and benefit from many other people’s knowledge and experiences.

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Form collaborations, plan workshops and events together and experience true networking.

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In a worldwide successful, integrative system, Eigenland® products complement each other to a unique instrument of organizational development. The creative tools are the spark that sets teams and organizations in motion. In the Eigenland® certifications you will learn to use these collective energies effectively and you are entitled to carry out the tools on your own. The Eigenland® licenses allow you to use the tools permanently within your organization or with your customers.

Design effective digital workshops, conferences and training courses using the successful and innovative Eigenland® Multisense method.

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As an Eigenland® consultant, you are authorised to carry out Eigenland® workshops and become a part of the Eigenland® Community.

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