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Online workshops that move

Experience productive and interactive online sessions instead of exhausting and boring online meetings.
eigenland® Online makes remote & hybrid workshops and collaboration easy. Combining digital, participative and intuitive elements, you'll enjoy the interaction and dynamics of face-to-face workshops and achieve high engagement from your participants.

Intuitive. Participative. Connecting.

Why eigenland®?

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    web-based & integrated solution

    Accessible and usable worldwide without installation. Can be combined with any video conferencing tool. IT and the works council also love using eigenland® Online

  • eigenland brain

    Leverage the experiential knowledge of your team

    We consciously perceive only 0.0004% of all information. The "remaining" 99.9996% is stored as experiential knowledge and serves intuition as a basis for decision-making.

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    focused & to the point

    Results are achieved quickly and are tangible through immediate evaluation, so that something happens after your workshop.

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    participative & equal

    Passive and silent participants are also activated and included. Every opinion and voice is heard, regardless of hierarchies and roles, so that everyone has their say. A goal-oriented, appreciative and open dialogue is created, even on critical topics.

  • eigenland Besonderheiten

    Interactive features for more motivation

    No more PowerPoint chart shows. Word Cloud, Wheel of Fortune & Co involve your participants and ensure results and new ideas.

  • efficient design

    Easy and fast preparation, implementation and follow-up of your online workshop through access to the eigenland® library with theses, templates & much more.

eigenland Online Thesenbewertung
Learn how eigenland® Online works in this short video clip.

Simply structured procedure

The best possible results and a more sustainable achievement of goals are always achieved in change and transformation processes when underlying facts are enriched with the intuitive experiential knowledge of teams and employees are given the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the decisions that affect them. 

In this way, colorful charts are transformed into a developed attitude and new ideas, measures and behaviors.

eigenland Online Thesenbewertung
  • Topic & Thesis Development

    The objective of your workshop is sharpened and your topic is clustered into different subtopics and presented through theses. With just a few clicks you can create your online workshop via the eigenland® portal.

  • Intuitive thesis evaluation

    Your participants log in anonymously via the web for your online workshop. Each participant intuitively evaluates the pre-formulated theses on the screen via smartphone with the help of digital, colored stones. The colors symbolize the degree of agreement with the individual theses and stand for the statements "This does not apply" to "This applies completely". 

    In addition to the intuitive thesis voting, you can involve your participants with the Word Cloud or the Wheel of Fortune and quickly and efficiently gather the perspectives of your participants on various questions.

  • Immediate result evaluation

    The results are automatically recorded anonymously by the system and immediately evaluated according to the degree of agreement with the theses and unanimity among the participants as easy-to-understand reports including data & diagrams.

  • Rational discussion & idea development

    In the rational discussion, the results are discussed in the team with the help of the reports under the guidance of the moderator. It immediately becomes apparent which theses have low levels of agreement or where the participants disagree. In an appreciative dialog, perspectives are shared and ideas and action plans are developed together - regardless of hierarchies and positions.

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hall of fame

eigenland hall of fame Oliver Bartelt
Oliver Bartelt, Global Head of Corporate Communications, DMK Group

The eigenland® online workshops produced numerous and very concrete results for our Continuous Improvement program in a short period of time, which we were able to work with super. In addition, the team was extremely motivated after the workshop - this was a very good basis for the implementation of our program.

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Individual & flexible, exactly for your needs

eigenland Online Ergebnisauswertung

Successful online workshops & meetings for every entrepreneurial field of action.
Whether strategy development, culture shaping, goal formulation or for strengthening cooperation and developing a new leadership culture.

eigenland® Online has been tried and tested for every personality structure (from board members to trainees) and is a good supplement to face-to-face workshops for advancing topics quickly and cost-effectively.

100% scalable & customizable.
Whether it's a 30-minute pulse check, a 2-hour meeting, a half-day training or an 8-hour workshop, whether it's 5 or 5,000 workshop participants in any number of break-out sessions, whether at the beginning or during your project - you will always be successful.

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Use eigenland® Online independently for digital workshops & meetings in your organization and get certified as an eigenland® consultant:in.

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Or use eigenland® Online with the support of the eigenland® team. Together with you, we plan the efficient and goal-oriented conception and implementation of your online workshop. 

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Be prepared for all conditions and accelerate your change & transformation topics holistically.

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