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Designing online
workshops effectively.

Experience interactive and productive online sessions instead of exhausting and tiring online meetings. With eigenland® Online, you can use the advantages and special features from the face-to-face workshops in digital sessions as well and experience the decisive difference. You bring people into an open dialogue and achieve new insights in the shortest possible time to effectively shape and advance your entrepreneurial fields of action.
In addition to the familiar eigenland® thesis voting, various features, such as the well-known Word Cloud, give you the opportunity to quickly and flexibly query the perspectives of your participants. You simply start the video system of your choice, e.g. Webex or Microsoft Teams, and off you go.

Intuitive. Participative. Connecting.

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You have various options to benefit from eigenland® Online. You can use eigenland® Online independently or implement it in your organization with the support of the eigenland® team. 
Take a look at the pricing model and choose from different models according to your needs.


The special.

Take advantage of eigenland® Online and shape your topics in a human-centered and results-oriented way.

  • eigenland Besonderheiten


    Immediately usable without installation.
    Can be combined with any video tool. 
    IT and the works council also love using eigenland® Online. 

  • eigenland brain

    Leverage the experiential knowledge of your team

    Topics are shaped together and new results are achieved. 
    Through intuitive and anonymous thesis evaluation, the experience and knowledge of your team becomes discussable and you gain a high level of commitment from your participants.

  • eigenland Besonderheiten

    Immediate results.

    The playful and intuitive approach
    allow you an efficient
    implementation. The immediate evaluation of results 
    in clear reports will inspire your participants.

  • eigenland Besonderheiten

    Appreciative dialogue.

    Based on the reports, topics are discussed in an open and appreciative manner - independent of hierarchies and positions.
    Behavioral changes and a joint commitment to your topics emerge and lead to faster and more sustainable achievement of your goals.
    Even with challenging topics.

  • eigenland Besonderheiten

    Tangible & intangible results.

    Through the structured and creative approach, new ideas, measures and solutions are developed jointly by your participants. At the same time, intangible results are created in the form of attitude, perpsketive, shared awareness and inner commitment.

  • Increase your quality & speed

    Reduced effort for the conception,
    implementation and follow-up of your
    online workshop with higher quality at the same time.
    quality. In the shortest possible time, new
    insights are gained and your 
    transformation processes gain
    dynamics and speed.


eigenland Online Thesenbewertung

eigenland® Online moves teams and entire organizations.
Get some impressions in the short video clip.

Veranstaltungen & Seminare

After the eigenland® online workshop has been created with just a few clicks via the eigenland® portal, your participants log in anonymously via the web, the video conferencing tool of their choice, e.g. Microsoft Teams or Webex, is started and off they go.

Each participant evaluates intuitively pre-formulated theses on the screen or via smartphone with the help of digital, colored stones. The colors symbolize the degree of agreement with the individual theses. All evaluations are recorded anonymously by the system, immediately evaluated according to the degree of agreement with the theses and the unity of the team, and then discussed in a structured and creative manner within the team. 
In addition to the intuitive thesis voting, the Word Cloud is another feature that allows you to quickly and efficiently gather the perspectives of your participants on various issues.

eigenland Online Thesenbewertung

hall of fame

eigenland hall of fame Oliver Bartelt
Oliver Bartelt, Global Head of Corporate Communications, DMK Group

The eigenland® online workshops produced numerous and very concrete results for our Continuous Improvement program in a short period of time, which we were able to work with super. In addition, the team was extremely motivated after the workshop - this was a very good basis for the implementation of our program.
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Your universal success tool

eigenland Online Ergebnisauswertung

Effective design of your workshops and meetings for every entrepreneurial field of action!
Whether strategic or operational - faster to target-oriented decisions and solutions.
Use e.g. for Corona Management, Future Vision, Innovations, Leadership & Collaboration, Corporate Culture, Strategy Development and Implementation.

100% scalable & customizable!
Whether a 30-minute pulse check or an 8-hour workshop, whether 5 or 5,000 workshop participants in any number of groups - you will always be successful.
You determine the topics and goals freely and flexibly.

eigenland Online Moderator

Use eigenland® Online independently for digital workshops & meetings in your organization and get certified as an eigenland® Online Consultant

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Or use eigenland® Online with the support of the eigenland® team. Together with you, we plan the efficient and goal-oriented design and implementation of your online workshop.

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