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Haufe Semigator - External Further Education 4.0

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Workshop - Keyfacts
haufe convention
external further education
10 participants

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  • As part of the Haufe Convention, the Eigenland® Multisense method was used as an event element for an interactive workshop
  • Participants in the event were existing Haufe customers from the HR department
  • Joint identification of the challenges in external training
  • Transforming challenges into opportunities
  • Exchange of experiences on trends and developments in external training
  • Learning from other customers' success stories
  • Use of the Eigenland® Multisense method on three subject areas: challenges, opportunities and trends & developments in the context of external training
  • Introduction of the subject areas through a keynote speech by an existing Semigator customer
  • Subsequent voting and discussion of the three fields of action with cross-company participants
  • Exchange of experiences between all participants about the challenges and opportunities of external further training
  • The current challenges are assessed very uniformly by the participants
  • Planning of personnel development is to reduce administrative expenses and at the same time better meet the further training needs of employees
  • The participants rate the importance of external further training as very high due to the fast pace of the topics and needs
  • Internal training for company-specific processes and products will also remain important


eigenland Hall of Fame Nathalie Günther
Nathalie Günther, Senior Sales Consultant (Semigator - a company of the Haufe Group)

Nathalie Günther is responsible for Sales Consulting at Haufe Semigator and thus for bringing the possibilities of Semigator together with the wishes and processes of the customers and for implementing an optimal solution. The most important factor for success is for her to understand the different people and their requirements and to bring them together. Because only in an open and appreciative exchange can truly sustainable solutions be developed.

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