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Medical Technology
managing growth
130 participants

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  • The company has grown very successfully in recent years and the number of employees has more than doubled as a result.
  • As part of the annual kick-off event, all employees from Germany meet once a year to discuss topics relevant to the future
  • The focus of the kick-off event this year was on the topic of "Shaping growth together", since above all the cooperation and communication has changed significantly due to the growth in recent years
  • Participation of employees in the growth process
  • Collection of wishes and ideas from employees for future cooperation
  • Gaining a common mindset and using the employees' experience
  • Start of the kick-off event with a keynote speech on the topic of growth design to give food for thought for a successful eigenland® session
  • Subsequent eigenland® session on four different fields of activity with the company's 130 employees in Germany
  • The day ends with working on other topics in different groups with different focuses
  • Exchange of experiences between all participants about future forms of cooperation, communication and the sensible structuring of processes and structures
  • Collegial networking and learning from one another through mutual exchange
  • Gaining courage and confidence for continued successful growth