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Orientation & clarity for all involved

A non-profit organization is faced with the crucial question: works council: yes or no? In the organization there are some supporters of a works council and at the same time some opponents. The fronts between the individual parties have intensified so that clarity is created with an eigenland® workshop in order to make a decision on the formation of the works council.
Workshop - Keyfacts
work council
24 participants

Make better decisions

  • In a non-profit organization, some employees wish to set up a works council
  • For other employees, the topic of the works council is not a focus
  • The fronts have hardened through various discussions
  • eigenland® Multisense has been used in this context to see what the people in the organization are about and to ensure that the interests of the employees are protected
  • Working out the motives and wishes for establishing a works council
  • Development of joint solutions on the subject of the works council
  • Development of a common understanding of the works council issue for all participants
  • Definition of the further procedure
  • => What? Why? How?
  • Start with a 20-minute keynote speech on the subject of works council and lobbying in order to give employees valuable external impulses
  • In the subsequent 3-hour eigenland® pro bono session with 24 participants in two groups, the participants explored their assessments and attitudes on the subject of the works council in order to shape them in a joint discourse and to develop concrete solutions
  • Constructive dialogue through the playful and interactive approach
  • Comparison of the alternative works council / cultural council based on various criteria
  • Elaboration of decision criteria, procedures and requirements for each alternative
  • Formulation of wishes and concerns that were communicated comprehensively for the first time
  • Definition of the consequences of acting or not acting
  • Determination of the next concrete steps: informing the other employees in order to then decide which alternative is to be implemented
  • Employees currently do not consider a works council to be useful. The establishment of a voluntary cultural council is being considered

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