Best Practiceworkshop

Effective combination of eigenland® Multisense
with design thinking

Workshop - Keyfacts
mobility group
12 participants
eigenland Best practice

work & win

  • As part of a product expansion, the group has developed two prototypes for a new service app
  • Due to a relatively balanced list of pros and cons, it is currently unclear which of the two app variants will be introduced
  • Analysis of the two app variants with regard to market attractiveness, feasibility and business effects
  • Definition of the further procedure: Further development of prototype 1, prototype 2 or both prototypes
  • Decision-making certainty for the participants as to which prototype is the more sensible alternative
  • Implementation of a short eigenland® session with a total of 12 participants from the innovation team
  • Evaluation and discussion of five fields of action, each with five theses for each prototype variant
  • The theses include decision criteria for a new app or for new digital services that are appropriate to the context
  • Subsequent sharpening of the results worked out in the short eigenland® session with design thinking
  • Evaluation and prioritization of the existing prototypes based on defined decision criteria
  • Decision of the team for the further development of a prototype with an adapted objective
  • Holistic examination of the second prototype with regard to the existing concept, the further procedure and a higher added value