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Fast & efficient to new ideas for lead generation

In an unbeatably short time, a successful established company in the mid-market has developed an initial action plan to further increase the sales quota. The sales department feels that with the right prioritization, the adjustment of processes and the omission of non-value adding tasks, the sales success can be increased.
Workshop - Keyfacts
medium-sized company
mechanical engineering
distribution strategy
13 participants

More impact: action plan ensures implementation

  • A loyal team that wants to shape the company with know-how and will
  • The managing directors are of the opinion that with the given resources the performance and the sales quota as well as the positioning in the middle class can be increased even further
  • Generation of a common awareness of the team
  • Definition of ideas and measures to increase the sales quota and definition of responsibilities for the implementation of the action plan
  • Increase in cross-team collaboration
  • Implementation of an eigenland® pilot workshop with 13 sales employees to sharpen the sales strategy
  • Intuitive theses evaluation of 60 theses in six defined fields of action within a one-day workshop
  • Subsequent discussion of theses with a focus on the subject areas of cooperation between internal and external sales and sharpening of strategies including practical / theoretical impulses
  • Concluding processing of three target questions to focus and prioritize the measures to be developed
  • Development of a common mindset for value-adding cooperation
  • Formulation of the greatest success factors in order to exploit the full market potential
  • Definition of measures to increase lead generation and the sales quota, e.g. by strengthening the Internet presence in the context of SEO and SEA
  • Establishing a small team to work out the measures already defined and to implement the ideas in the company

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