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Right To Play is 100% donor-funded. Germany's willingness to donate is relatively low compared to other countries in relation to its economic strength. The pandemic situation in 2020 and the associated economic impact have further reduced the willingness to donate. With a very good network of supporters and a flexible organizational structure, these challenges have been well met so far.
The new challenges both on the revenue (donors) and on the expenditure side (organization) demand new approaches to solutions both in the organizational structure, the distribution of tasks as well as in the donation models.
In an Eigenland® pro bono workshop, Right To Play sets the course for a successful path into the future.
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COVID-19 require new task and role assignments

COVID-19 has far-reaching implications for the work of the global organization. In Germany, too, the Right To Play pandemic poses unexpected challenges.
Across all fields of action, it has become clear how differently the current developments surrounding the coronavirus are impacting the goal and success picture within the team.

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  • The overall international strategy for Right To Play has already been developed by the organization
  • Need to adapt the common picture of success in line with changed conditions
  • Donor willingness in Germany further decreased due to the Corona situation
  • Development of possible solutions for a specific strategy for Right To Play Deutsch- Team land on the basis of the overall international strategy
  • Revision of the current distribution of roles and tasks due to the current Corona challenge
  • Development of measures and ideas in the team, without delegation of measures by management
  • Half-day eigenland® pro bono workshop with the Right To Play Germany team
  • Use of eigenland® Multisense to develop ideas for a common vision and strategy in a personal dialogue
  • Intuitive thesis evaluation and open discussion between team members on the fields of action: Image of Success, Identity & Meaning, Team & Role, Performance and Actions & Wishes
  • Sharpening the awareness for a new goal direction based on the current Corona situation
  • Due to the different images of success within the team, the next step is to develop a common image of goals for the future
  • Collection of ideas for the redistribution of tasks and roles within the team on the basis of existing competencies
  • Collection of ideas for improving internal communication
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Sven Schröder, Managing Director Right To Play Germany

»I'm surprised how good online workshops can be. All it takes are the right tools. The interaction and ease of the eigenland® online workshop impressed me.«