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Quickly build a common picture on the topic of "Agile Management

In order to be successful in the present and continue to be successful in the future, the administration relies on the further development of the organization through multipliers. In a workshop with all executives, a common vision of the future was developed with eigenland® around the topic of "agile administration" and implementation was secured by defining a road map.
workshop - Keyfacts
Regional administration
Public administration
60 participants

Road map ensures implementation

  • An administration wants to make structures and processes more agile in order to remain sustainable
  • The multiplication should take place via the managers in the individual teams
  • There is currently no common image of an agile administration among managers
  • The executives know and have understood that due to the change in the environment, a common vision of the future is necessary
  • Development of a common understanding on the subject of agility & agile administration: Why is agile administration useful?
  • Development of a common vision of the future in order to look positively into the future
  • Definition of the further procedure: The participants know what to start with and have developed the desire to want to start right away
  • Start with a short keynote speech to introduce the topic of "Agile Administration" in order to give the participants valuable external impulses
  • Subsequent use of eigenland® Multisense for 4 hours with approx. 60 managers in five groups on the subject of "agile administration"
  • Subsequent getting to know other agile methods, e.g. Working out loud, design thinking etc. through personal experience
  • Joy and ease in shaping future topics through the playful and interactive approach
  • Development of a common understanding of the term "agility in administration"
  • Definition of the success factors for an agile administration as well as concrete measures to start with, e.g. Bringing images of the future to life and the development of a culture of error
  • Joint clustering of the measures in a road map with the assignment of responsibilities

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