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Raising the courage potential of teams

Game manufacturer KOSMOS relies on the Are You Ready¿ box on the topic of courage to strengthen the courage potential of teams and to anchor new behaviors in the organization.

KOSMOS Publishing is celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2022 and has already been closely connected to the topic of "Game & Game Development" for many years. As a leading expert in guidebooks, children's books and games, KOSMOS Publishing is open to new ideas and interested in innovative ideas around game development in order to try things out and learn as a team. One thing is clear: The Are You Ready¿ box on the topic of courage immediately evoked enthusiasm at KOSMOS and is a perfect fit for the teams who are enthusiastic about playing.
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5 participants
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10 weeks

Team building as a common goal

A courageous discovery journey - that's how working with the courage box is often described. At KOSMOS Publishing, the use of the courage box has also gotten the participants out of their comfort zone. The house organization team, consisting of five people, tried out the courage box. The participants decided that their primary goal was to get to know each other even better and to use the courage box as a team building tool. At the same time, the mission was to strengthen the trust of the participants and to promote team spirit. The KOSMOS team had a great interest in reflecting on their own behavioral patterns in everyday work in order to develop potential quicker and easier.

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  • KOSMOS Publishing, as a guidebook and game expert, is always open to new things and likes trying out new things with the teams.
  • KOSMOS Publishing is very closely connected to the "game" and is always and constantly interested in new input and ideas for game development.
  • The Are You Ready¿ box on the topic of courage was met with immediate enthusiasm at KOSMOS. The team wanted to get to know the courage box for themselves.
  • Team building and getting to know each other even better was the most important goal of using the courage box.
  • Strengthening the trust of the team members and promoting team spirit.
  • Encouraging employees to reflect on their own behavioral patterns in everyday work in order to develop potential quicker and easier.
  • Initiation of a new perspective.
  • Use of the Are You Ready¿ Box according to the playful principle and rules of the courage box.
  • 10-week discovery journey with a team of five.
  • 45-minute meetings once a week to explore own courage potential and increase courage level.
  • In each meeting, one of the black envelopes was opened, containing team and individual missions that are built on each other.
  •  Each meeting is structured the same: 20-minute homework reflection, 20-minute team mission, and 5-minute individual mission.
  • Getting to know the team members better, also as "people".
  • Release of new energy & motivation as all participants leave their comfort zone.
  • Reflection on individual behavioral patterns in everyday working life.
  • Completion of the courage box with a joint team task, with an activity that none of the team members had done before: paragliding as a special finish.
  • Enthusiastic participants
  • Each team member was able to gain personal value from the courage journey and overcome their own limits or grow stronger.

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Andrea Burkhardt, Management Assistant, KOSMOS Publishing

»Gitta and Marie from Future People had told me about the courage box. We were very curious to see what this black box might have in store for us. It was the first time we had to leave our comfort zone as a team. Each of us in a different place.
This allowed us to get to know each other in a completely new way. The final team event was the icing on the cake of our 10-week journey of growing stronger. It still has an impact today - thank you very much, dear eigenland team, for this experience.«