Best-Practice Eigenland Workshop Methode
HR Trends

Initial Position:
• Accompanying conference to the book „Hr Trends - the leading title in publication of human resources management for many years.
• The event will be occurred under the main theme "Human Resource Management in the Digital Transformation".

• Encourage the exchange of experience and practice between the participants.
• Exchange on "modern HR management" and sharing best practice examples.
• Generating impulses and ideas for their own company and the daily work of the participants.

• Carrying out a brief Eigenland® session as an event element, in addition to keynote speakers, best practice examples and workshops.
• Participation of about 60 cross-functional participants from different companies.
• Thesis evaluation, a short theses discussion and an exchange of experiences of the subject "HR trends".

• Cross-company exchange of experiences between the participants on current trends in HR.
• Passing on best practice examples from your own company.
• Sharing perspectives and exchanging ideas and actions for daily work in the future.