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Success factor courage for teams & organizations

AUDI AG & eigenland® develop the Are you ready¿ box on the topic of courage in co-creation, in order to bring teams into action quickly and to strengthen courageous behavior.

Trying new things, trying out new things and learning new things - with the implementation of a culture of courage, AUDI AG has set itself the goal of strengthening the awareness and mindset of all employees on the topic of courage and thereby encouraging more courageous behavior. After all, only those who try new things learn new things. By reflecting on the own patterns of action, potentials should be unfolded faster and easier and thereby innovative growth is promoted.
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10 weeks

Be brave - the first steps towards a culture of courage

The kick-off for the start of the journey of courage came with the realization that, in addition to numerous existing offers and initiatives, an instrument was needed to live the values of appreciation, openness, responsibility and integrity at AUDI AG even more strongly and to embed them in the organization. The answer was quickly found: More courage is needed! But what exactly does courage mean? And what are courageous behaviors? What does this mean for AUDI AG? And how can the potential for courage in the organization be increased?
The AUDI AG Corporate Culture Team has set itself the goal of defining the term courage for AUDI AG and establishing it tangibly in the organization in harmony with a positive "error culture" and an open feedback culture.

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  • The topic of courage is an established part of the corporate culture at AUDI AG
  • In order to make the topic of courage a tangible experience for all employees in the organization, the corporate culture team is focusing on creating new offers and formats and thereby embedding courageous behavior in the organization in the long term
  • The three columns that make up a strong culture of courage - a positive "error culture", an open feed-back culture and an innovative action culture - are to be specifically promoted and embedded through concrete exercises and experiences.
  • Increasing the awareness and mindset of all employees for the topic of courage
  • Setting first impulses to activate the employees to further deal with the topic of courage and to continuously learn more
  • Encouraging and enabling employees through internal communication and offers to behave more courageously in their daily work
  • Supporting innovative growth by discussing challenges and giving and receiving feedback as an important part of the courage box
  • Encouraging employees to reflect on their own behavior patterns in everyday work in order to develop potential quicker and easier
  • Strengthening the trust of team members by getting to know each other better and thereby promoting team spirit
  • Research and brainstorming on the implementation of the topic of courage throughout the entire organization
  • Development of measures and tools for successful implementation
  • Start of the co-creation process AUDI AG & eigenland® for the development of an interactive tool for personality and team development
  • Joint workshop for the development of the user personas and the objective of the courage box
  • Interactive development process in two phases (rough and detailed concept)
  • Creation of a haptic, directly applicable prototype
  • Eight-week pilot phase with three teams including adjustment of the prototype
  • Finalization of the courage box for the roll-out of the Are You Ready¿ boxes on the topic of courage with 50 teams
  • Development of the Are You Ready¿ box on the topic of courage in co-creation by Audi AG & eigenland®
  • High number of registrations for participation in the journey of courage. The maximum number of participants for the roll-out with 50 courage boxes was quickly achieved
  • Release of new energy & motivation through the courage box for all participants
  • Strengthening the trust of the team members by getting to know each other better
  • Reflection on the own behavior patterns in the everyday work
  • Enthusiastic participants
  • Perception by other colleagues and teams that people are changing positively and that the courage box is making an impact
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Anna Ehret, Head of Corporate Culture, AUDI AG

»Innovative ‚doer‘ culture, positive 'error culture' and open dialog culture - with the Are You Ready¿ Box - Edition Courage, employees and managers are empowered to independently reach the next level in these areas. Stepping out of their own comfort zone is fun for participants and strengthens trust among each other.«

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