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Change the Game: In a rapidly evolving world, the ability to proactively shape change and the future is becoming a critical challenge for every organization and every leader. This is not just about the use of AI, new technologies or adapting to customer needs - organizations are faced with the challenge of not only integrating technological progress, but also creating a culture that keeps pace with change.

But how can we turn change into a real performance lever? To question traditional thought patterns and find collaborative solutions? And what role does management culture play in this and which "hacks" help us to let go of the old?

At the eigenland® summer camp, you can look forward to a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere in which we will ignite the transformation turbo together with great people to make your organization and leadership culture fit for the future.
We not only take a look at the past to learn from experience, but also venture into the future to courageously break new ground in the present. One thing is certain: everything will remain different.

Summercamp 2025

The eigenland® Summer Camp 2024 has already taken place. 
You will soon find the new date for the eigenland® Summer Camp 2025 here. 

Impressionen eigenland Sommercamp

Interactive. Motivating.

Simply different: The eigenland® summer camp offers executives, change & HR designers and all transformation fans a crisp and curated program around the successful design of change & transformation. Together we will ignite your transformation turbo in valuable sessions such as keynotes, interviews and interaction on the main topic of change & leadership. The best part: trusting networking and exchange at eye level.

Why you can't miss the eigenland® summer camp:

  • Impressionen eigenland Sommercamp

    Change elite in one place

  • Impressionen eigenland Sommercamp

    Best practices, brakes, accelerators & success levers for your leadership culture of tomorrow

  • eigenland Sommercamp 2024

    To the point: cutting-edge topics and ideas for your change design

  • eigenland Sommercamp 2024

    Open & family atmosphere - free from bullshit bingo

  • Impressionen eigenland Sommercamp

    Info- & Entertainment: Insights, interaction, exchange of experiences and active design, in order to apply your knowledge directly afterwards

  • eigenland Multisense Workshop

    100% fun guarantee

Top experts are looking forward to meeting you

At the eigenland® summer camp, everything revolves around the crucial question of how to make change a real performance lever.
You will experience top experts and a mix of best practices, ideas and knowledge transfer for accelerating your topics.
Dominik Klein

Dominik Klein, also known as "Mini", "Energizer" and long-time top performer in German handball, who won the World Championship in his home country with the DHB team in 2007. He accompanies the major handball events on television as an ARD Sportschau expert.

Dominik Klein
Bastian Bärenfänger

Bastian is a creative mind, a charismatic "quick thinker" and an excellent sparring partner when it comes to the organizational, cultural personal issues of our time. He approaches these challenges in a surprisingly unconventional yet methodical way in order to fill them with sustainable substance life.

Sabine Falke-Ibach

Sabine Falke-Ibach's professional activities are characterized by entrepreneurial thinking and a willingness to try out new things.  After holding various management positions in the Group and taking over a company in the 7th generation, she has remained true to her entrepreneurial approach and today devotes herself to the realignment of the family business and her work as a consultant, moderator and entrepreneurial sparring partner.

Sabine Falke-Ibach
Meike Ahler

Meike Ahler is a true communications professional. She brings her unique expertise in strategic communication to the world of internal corporate communication. With a keen sense for trends and her enthusiasm for consulting, Meike Ahler is committed to future-oriented corporate communication and the human factor.

bluecue consulting
Ingo Grosselohmann Neotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Ingo Großelohmann is Managing Director at Neotechnik Fördersysteme GmbH & Co. KG. As a visionary pioneer and team player, he successfully combines innovation with team spirit. Before joining Neotechnik, he shaped the area of supply chain management with his many years of expertise at Arvato SCM Solutions.

Neotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

What you will definitely take home with you:

  • Energy and motivation to accelerate your change and transformation topics

  • cool & insightful conversations with people who tick like you do

  • Tools for letting go of the "old" and questioning traditional thought patterns

  • Directly implementable practical tips for shaping change as a real performance lever

  • Tools & workshop ideas that take your (leadership) culture to the next level


eigenland Sommercamp Testimonia Sabine Schneider
Sabine Schneider, Human Resources and Organizational Development, Atradius Kreditversicherung

The eigenland® Summer Camp was refreshingly different. Super lively, exciting speakers and topics. A day of networking with great, creative people. This day gave me a lot of impulses - and I went home really energized. Thank you Eigenland for inviting me to such a day. I will definitely come again. If you can make it, go, people. It is worth it.