eigenland Zertifizierung

Eventeigenland® certification


February l 09.00 - 17.00

Design workshops simply & effectively.
In the eigenland® certification you will learn how to advance your topics even faster, better and more efficiently with the eigenland® system.

You will get to know the know-how of the eigenland® world and learn exciting scientific and methodological backgrounds. The focus of the full-day certification as an eigenland® consultant is on intensive implementation and application training of the eigenland® tools.
You will receive practical tips, instructions and best practices. Together we will develop first ideas and application possibilities, so that you can start immediately after certification.


Become part of the eigenland® community and get certified for the independent use of eigenland® Multisense and eigenland® Online. 
The certification can take place online, hybrid or in presence, according to your wishes. 

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eigenland Zertifizierung


Katrin Kratky
Katrin Kratky, Head of Human Resources Development & Change Management, Deutsche Leasing

The internal eigenland® certification was an absolute highlight and an important milestone in our culture transformation. In just one day, we had a lot of fun learning about the special features and the mode of action of eigenland® and were able to develop ideas for our topics in the application and facilitation training.
This way we can step on the gas and move our cultural transformation forward. The "power system" and the playful approach will help us enormously to quickly get to the core of the essential topics.

How to easily become a certified eigenland® consultant

  • eigenland Workshop

    Maximum practical relevance

    You will learn best practices, effective application training and all the tools for using eigenland® tools in a concrete and to the point way, so that you can independently advance your topics in the company from the inside out.


  • eigenland zertifizierung

    Exclusive part of the eigenland® community

    Since the beginning of our journey, more than 1,500 certified consultants from DAX-listed companies, medium-sized businesses, public institutions and consultancies have used the eigenland® system. The philosophy "Together more successful than each one alone" promises a trusting exchange at eye level.

  • eigenland Wirkshop

    More time for success

    With eigenland® certification, you benefit from all the service modules of the eigenland® system. You receive maximum security and your workshop preparation, implementation and follow-up is quick and easy thanks to access to the knowledge database with templates, concepts and the thesis library.

  • eigenland zertifizierung

    Start immediately

    After eigenland® certification, you will receive your official eigenland® certificate and the right to use the eigenland® tools for workshops, events and seminars.

  • eigenland Multisense workshop

    Always at the start

    Of course, we will continue to be your sparring partner and co-thinker after certification. We support you in the implementation of your topics with practical tips, ideas and know-how.

this awaits you:

9 am - 1 pm

Getting to know the eigenland® system and the eigenland® method

In the first half of the day you will get to know, understand and love the eigenland® tools. 
The entire certification is designed to be effective immediately. You will learn surprising neuro- and socio-scientific backgrounds of the eigenland® method and the special features of the eigenland® system. You will also experience best practices, benefit from the experiences of the eigenland® community and we will think together for possible applications to your individual topics. 
Individual. Inspiring. Valuable.

2 am - 5 pm

Intensive implementation and application training

So that you can get started immediately after certification and effectively advance your topics, we develop your content together in an intensive implementation and application training and already formulate initial theses for your use.
You will receive tips and ideas for workshop concepts, learn immediately usable tips and tricks for the implementation of your eigenland® workshops as well as diverse content to ideally support your goals. 
Of course, there will be enough opportunity to network and exchange ideas with the other participants of the certification.


eigenland Team Utz Florian Staiger
Utz Staiger, Co-Founder & Managing Director Eigenland GmbH

As co-founder, managing director, optimist and philanthropist, Utz Staiger appreciates the variety of applications and the quality of the results achieved by eigenland® together as a team, with ease and joy.

eigenland Zertifizierung

Budget for your
eigenland® certification

The eigenland® certification is your ticket to the eigenland® community. The certification entitles you to conduct eigenland® workshops, sessions and seminars. Even after certification, we are of course your reliable sparring partner and you have access to all services of the eigenland® system - know-how, templates, workshop concepts and practical ideas.

Depending on the number of certified persons in your company and the chosen license model, we offer different models.  The price for the certification is 950€.
We will be happy to advise you on your needs and find the right solution for you.

eigenland® License

Use the eigenland® system permanently in your organization. With the purchase of the eigenland license, you will receive all the equipment for your eigenland® Multisense and/or eigenland® Online Workshops after certification.