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Decisively more successful with intuitive analyses.
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What makes Companies successful?

If your company knew…

The most innovative technology? The best marketing of all time? Or getting very lucky? We believe that the recipe for success begins with simple ingredients: People. And a little bravery to embrace change. For everything else there are already tools and methods.

…what your Company knows.

We believe: Every company already possess everything it needs to be successful. This is why we have created an innovative workshop format, which supports teams to realize its potential and address it.
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People make companies successful.

Finally available.

Turn the affected into participants. Accelerate change within the company through intuitive experience from teams and create your own success more goal orientated. It’s easy with the intuitive Analysis of Eigenland®!

With ease and joy

Eigenland is an innovative and playful alternative to usual workshops and is applicable to any situation that connects a person with a theme. Every development issue can be quickly structured. The best thing: Eigenland never lasts longer than a day.

Good prospects for success

With Eigenland®, material and immaterial success can be increased by the goal-oriented dynamization of development processes.


Real participation and enthusiasm for development

The guiding principle

New insights and focus on promising activities


Immediately clarity and appreciative solution of uncomfortable subjects


Fresh dynamics, common perspective and new surprising insights


Maximum flexibility thanks to lean processes and scalable methodology


High speed and result quality and immediate solutions and ideas

Value creating

With Eigenland®, you can achieve long-term tangible and intangible results depending on the respective topic and the application situation.


  • Quick Wins
  • ideas
  • solutions
  • Increased sales
  • Higher yield
  • Business model innovation
  • New Products


  • Inner commitment to the subject
  • Common image of goals and procedures
  • Total company thinking of the team
  • Increased
  • employee satisfaction
  • Higher performance and efficiency
  • Changed leadership culture
  • Active introduction of the team
The discovery of Eigenland®

Go on a journey of discovery with director Kristian Gründling: Learn from inspiring personalities how the success of companies can be designed in an ideal way and what effect Eigenland® creates in companies.

«  We went through a fundamental analysis, considered our intuitions, and quickly achieved concrete solutions, all while having fun!  »
Andre Allerdisse

Mario Kestler,
Geschäfsführer der Haufe Akademie in Freiburg

«  I was impressed with how quickly it reached results and surprised at the in depth analysis of separate divisions.  »
Rolf Schroeder

Rolf Schröder
verantwortlich für das Projektmanagement in der Deutschen Telekom Technik, Deutsche Telekom AG

«  The icing on the cake is the immediate data analysis by professionals, which is presented in a comprehensible way.  »
Kerstin Friedrich

Kerstin Friedrich
Unternehmensberaterin, Top-Expertin für die EKS, Autorin mehrerer preisgekrönter Business-Bestseller

«  Our sales managers have gained new insights and achieved clarity in just one day. At the end of the day, there was a plan of action to achieve our goals and the commitment of the stakeholders.  »
Carsten Beier

Carsten Beier
Vertretungsberechtigter Geschäftsführer quick-mix Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG

«  Eigenland® has shown that it is possible to exchange opinions and information with different actors along an industrial value chain.  »
Dr. Jaqueline Kusan-Bindels

Dr. Jaqueline Kusan-Bindels
Leiterin Industrial Marketing für Möbel bei Covestro Deutschland AG

Many people are already enthusiastic about Eigenland®. Learn more about our innovative methodology and see for yourself what others think about us and our tool.