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You have a variety of ways to benefit from eigenland® Online.
The use can be done by certified consultants from the eigenland® community or by the eigenland® team. Or you have the possibility to get certified as an eigenland® Online consultant and receive the right to use eigenland® Online and your ticket to the eigenland® Community.
You then select the model from the license packages that best suits your needs.

No matter which variant you choose: In any case, you benefit from the entire eigenland® system of tools, people and knowledge and receive impulses and experiences of vital companies through the knowledge transfer of the eigenland® community with more than 800 certified eigenland® consultants.

Learn more?

p>Take a look at the eigenland® online brochure and download all the info as a PDF file.<br />We will be happy to tell you about various best practices and work with you to select the model that is right for you.</p>


Full flexibility & freedom
- with the eigenland® online license.

Choose the license package that's right for you and run unlimited online workshops and sessions. You also get full access to the People & Knowledge pillars, with access to the eigenland® library and shared content and topics. Do you have questions or are you unsure which pricing model best suits your needs? Then simply send us an email at

  • eigenland Online Workshop

    eigenland® Online Tool

    You can use the eigenland® Online Tool for all your application areas and as often as you want. You will continuously receive new features and updates free of charge. 
    In addition to the tool, you get access to the People & Knowledge pillars to always get new impulses and experiences for your change topics. 

  • eigenland® Community

    Decidedly more successful together. 
    The eigenland® Community brings together more than 800 certified eigenland® consultants with attitude, competence and joy in what they do. Through mutual inspiration and a lively exchange of experiences, your work gains in quality and speed.

  • eigenland Thesenscheibe

    Thesis library

    More than 80,000 theses for your successful workshops. 
    With the eigenland® license you get full access to the content and sample theses for the design of your Change topics, e.g. on the topic of success image, collaboration, leadership, etc..

  • eigenland Portal

    eigenland® Portal

    You can easily manage and design your workshops via the eigenland® portal and benefit from the knowledge database.


Select the license package that best suits your usage and application purposes. You have already purchased an eigenland® Multisense license or would like to license both tools? Then contact us and you will benefit from a price advantage.
    • Teams
    • Ideal for small
      to medium
      Team units



    • Perfect for the start
      Maximum clarity



    • 1



    • 3



    • 0



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • 400€




    • aquire
    • Business
    • Perfect for any business unit,
      which organizes



    • Ideal for regular use
      Easy management
      Theme visibility in groups
      Expandable at any time



    • 2



    • 5



    • 10



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • 600€




    • aquire
    • Enterprise
    • Equipped for everything:
      Maximum freedom
      & flexibility 



    • Ideal for frequent use
      Easy management
      Theme visibility
      in groups



    • 5



    • 10



    • 15



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • 975€




    • aquire


You are already certified for eigenland® Multisense or would like to be certified for both tools?
. Then the budget for the second certification is reduced by 50% of the normal price.
Veranstaltungen & Seminare

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of the eigenland® team for the efficient and goal-oriented conception and implementation of your digital workshop or event. Your company content will be individually integrated into the planning, we will jointly plan a concrete approach with quality & speed throughout the process and you will simultaneously benefit from the experience of the eigenland® community.

eigenland Online Workshop