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eigenland® Multisenseuse opportunities

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You have a variety of ways to benefit from eigenland® Multisense. It can be used by certified consultants from the eigenland® community or by the eigenland® team. Or you have the possibility to get certified as an eigenland® Multisense consultant and receive the right to use eigenland® Multisense and your entrance ticket to the eigenland® Community. Afterwards, with the eigenland® Multisense license, you will receive the entire system equipment including the co-branding of the materials.

No matter which variant you choose: In any case, you benefit from the entire eigenland® system of tools, people and knowledge and receive impulses and experiences of vital companies through the knowledge transfer of the eigenland® community with more than 1.000 certified eigenland® consultants..

Learn more?

Take a look at the eigenland® brochure and download all the info as a PDF file.
We would be happy to tell you about various best practices and think together for your application situations.

Information matrial

eigenland® Certification

Do you want to independently design interactive workshops and events and advance your change topics?
In the eigenland® certification you will learn the eigenland® Know-How and Know-Why in a one-day intensive training course and train how to conduct eigenland® workshops.
After the certification you will receive your eigenland® ertificate and with it the right to use eigenland® for your digital workshops, conferences & trainings in your organization and/or with your customers. You will also receive your admission ticket to the eigenland® Community.

  • eigenland Multisense Zertifizierung

    intensive training

    In a full-day intensive training, you will get to know the eigenland® Know-How and Know-Why and train how to conduct eigenland® workshops.
    After certification, you can get started right away. Of course, we will continue to be your reliable sparring partner.

  • eigenland Wirkshop

    Scientific basics

    The mode of action and function of the eigenland® methodology is based on neuroscientific findings. 
    In the certification you will learn about the scientific background and the functioning of eigenland®.

  • eigenland workshop

    Active training

    An intensive implementation and application training is one of the main components of the eigenland® certification.
    You will learn tips & tricks for thesis formulation as well as ideas for your workshop conception.

  • eigenland Multisense Workshop

    Knowledge transfer

    Get to know other eigenland® consultants with high professional competence and benefit from a lively exchange.




Flexibility & Freedom
- eigenland® Multisense License

With the eigenland® Multisense you receive the entire system equipment incl. your co-branding of the materials.
In addition to the tool, you receive all services related to the "People & Knowledge" pillars, e.g. access to the eigenland® library and approved content and topics
. Do you have questions or want to learn more about the eigenland® Multisense license? Then simply send us an email at

  • eigenland® Community

    Decidedly more successful together. 
    The eigenland® Community brings together more than 1.000 certified eigenland® consultants with attitude, competence and joy in what they do. Through mutual inspiration and a lively exchange of experiences, your work gains in quality and speed.

  • eigenland Workshopequipment

    eigenland® Multisense Tool

    You receive the complete system equipment, including hardware and software components, in a case made individually for you. From the iPad and the eigenland® app to the printer and evaluation stones, the system equipment includes everything you need for the successful implementation and evaluation of your eigenland® workshop. The individual components are co-branded with your logo.

  • eigenland Thesenscheibe

    Thesis library

    More than 80.000 theses for your successful workshops. 
    With the eigenland® license you get full access to the content and sample theses for the design of your Change topics, e.g. on the topic of success image, collaboration, leadership, etc..

  • eigenland Portal

    eigenland® Portal

    You can easily manage and design your workshops via the eigenland® portal and benefit from the knowledge database.


Depending on your usage and application situations, choose the license package that best suits you and your needs. You are already using eigenland® Online or would like to purchase both tools as a license? Then contact us and you will benefit from a price advantage.
    • 1. Multisense license
    • 1



    • ✔️



    • ✔️




    • ✔️




    • 450€




    • acquire
    • 2. Multisense license
    • 2



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • 850€




    • aquire
    • 3. Multisense license
    • 3



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • 1.200€



    • aquire
    • 4. Multisense license
    • 4



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • ✔️



    • 1.500€



    • aquire
Veranstaltungen & Seminare

Desire for experience and result?
Benefit from the experience and knowledge of the eigenland® team for the efficient and goal-oriented conception and implementation of your workshop or event. Individually, your company's content will be integrated into the planning, we will jointly plan a concrete approach with quality & speed throughout the process and you will simultaneously benefit from the experience of the eigenland® community. 

eigenland Multisense Workshop