More successful together.

Based on our conviction that people are more successful together than individually, we enable teams and organizations with the eigenland® system of Tools, People and Knowledge to shape their development and transformation from within themselves. The eigenland® team unites doers, creative minds, consultants and strategists with a lot of energy, power and experience to make people and organizations want the future.
With a power team and a global community of more than 1.000 eigenland® consultants, we work to make the world a decidedly more successful place for people and organizations. 

eigenland® Power Principles

  • Help each other.

    We think with and work for each other and not just with each other.

  • Together we are more successful than each of us alone.

    With us, organisations shape their development much more successfully than without us.

  • We create AHA-moments.

    Whether with customers, partners or colleagues – wew insights and ideas drive us.

  • It’s all about energy.

    We fill up the energy tank of others and make sure that our own is always full.

Always available.

Founder & CEO
eigenland Team Jan Oßenbrink

Jan is an energetic idea machine and usually comes up with an implementation plan right away. He has an infectious laugh and likes nothing more than to work with people and development. His focus? Strategy, management, innovation, teams ...

Full steam ahead with both the heart and the mind – the ideal combination.

Founder & CEO
eigenland Team Utz Florian Staiger

As co-founder, CEO, optimist and humanitarian, Utz works with customers in southern Germany and also handles our Legal & Finance and Foreign Affairs departments.

People, countries, adventure ... or: nothing is impossible! 

Product & Consulting Manager
eigenland Team Nora Mönning

As an all-rounder, Nora unites people, methods and topics in consulting/conception/product development and finds a creative solution for everything.

Just go for it.

People & Organisation Manager
eigenland Team Annegret Rothe

As an organisational wonderwoman, Annegret holds everything together and creates a good atmosphere for our customers and us.

We’ve got this!

Economics Manager
eigenland Team Marion Kuhlmann

Facts and figures are Marion’s focus in our Economics department. 

Even detours broaden your horizons.
(Ernst Ferstl)
Marketing & Events Manager
eigenland Team Vanessa Derksen

An eternal optimist, Vanessa organises everything that goes into marketing and events – always with a smile and coordination skills.

Keep on rocking!

Independent Senior Developer
Sascha Brockmann

regional partner

Independent regional partner
Gitta Grobert eigenland Regionalpartnerin
Independent regional partner
Marie Bernadette Cals
Independent regional partner
eigenland Regionalpartner Steffen Wienberg


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle eigenland Mitgesellschafter

Neben einer fundierten Wissensbasis und Faktenkenntnis, hat auch die Intuition, das Erfahrungswissen, einen festen Platz und eine gute Berechtigung im Wirtschaftsleben. Der ganzheitliche Ansatz des integrativen eigenland® Systems setzt genau daran an. eigenland® nutzt den Aspekt der Intuition und befähigt so Organisationen zur produktiveren und effizienterer Gestaltung ihrer unternehmerischen Themen.
Genau, das überzeugt mich.