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Shape your development
decisively more successful.

We are convinced that your Organization has all the necessary tools to be successful. You will achieve this decisive difference between the maximum average results and the greatest possible success if you use the experience and knowledge of your team in a meaningful and participative manner. You too can become more successful and generate movement in you organization by utilizing an Eigenland® workshop - immediately tangible and sustainably effective.

Particular for your needs.

  • Methodisch & kreativ.

    Durch die Verbindung aus methodischen und kreativen Vorgehen gewinnen Sie und Ihr Team wertvolle Erkenntnisse in kürzester Zeit.

  • Überraschend klare & wertvolle Erkenntnisse

    Teams bewegen durch die einzigartige Verbindung aus Emotionen und Ratio.
    Mit Eigenland® bekommen Sie alle an einen Tisch, fokussieren durch den zentrierten Spielaufbau auf das Thema und geben den Teilnehmenden die Möglichkeit, Entwicklungsprozesse aktiv mitzugestalten. Jeder wird mit seiner Meinung gesehen und gehört. Hierarchien und Meinungsführer spielen keine Rolle. Und selbst komplexe, unbequeme Themen werden dank des spielerischen Settings konstruktiv und schmerzfrei gelöst.

  • Partizipativ & wertschätzend.

    Eigenland® Workshops sind unkompliziert, in einer entspannten Atmosphäre mit einem gleichzeitig hohen Spaßfaktor. 
    Partizipativ und wertschätzen werden Themen diskutiert, Maßnahmen und Ideen entwickelt – ganz frei von Hierarchien.

  • Qualität & Geschwindigkeit.

    Reduzierter Aufwand für die Vor- und Nachbereitung Ihres Workshops bei gleichzeitig höherer Qualität. Außerdem lässt sich Eigenland® einfach mit anderen Workshop-Methoden kombinieren.

The playful principle

Each participant intuitively evaluates pre-formulated theses with the help of colored stones, the so-called “mineral resources”. The colors of the stones symbolize the degree of agreement with the individual theses. All ratings are recorded anonymously, evaluated immediately and then discussed in a structured and creative manner within the team. Personal, digital or hybrid.

  • Methodical introduction

    Getting to know the human-centered Eigenland® method.

  • Haptic or digital gaming experience

    Intuitive theses evaluation of the participants.

  • Immediate evaluation.

    Tangible results for the participants through the immediate evaluation of the results.

  • Joint theses discourse.

    Rational and appreciative team dialogue. Sharing perspectives, developing a common awareness and generating measures and solutions.

  • Solidifying the results

    Consolidation and structuring of the developed ideas, solutions and measures.

Gaining precious time.
And safe orientation.

Use the expertise of the Eigenland® team for your personal, digital or hybrid workshop. For you this means little effort in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the workshop, with high quality and speed.

  • Efficient and 100% tailored towards you.

    The content is based 100% on your framework conditions, goals and the status of the participants. At the same time, you benefit from the experience of the Eigenland® community in preparation, implementation and follow-up.

  • Developing a theme.

    Together we define the use of the Eigenland® method to accelerate your transformation.

  • Individual theses.

    Targeted and efficient creation of your topic by the Eigenland® team. With the individual creation, you benefit at the same time from the experience of the Eigenland® Community and a library of more than 80,000 theses.

  • Workshop follow-up.

    Detailed evaluation of your material and immaterial results by the Eigenland® team.


Use for workshops, conferences, trainings & seminars.

Successful application for every entrepreneurial field of action.

Suitable for every personality structure - from management to apprentice.

Whether 2 or 8 hours, whether 5 or 5,000 workshop participants and any number of groups at the same time.
- always successful.

Eigenland®Eigenland® Exactly what you need.

Make your choice

Valuable insights in the shortest possible time. Intelligent future-proof solutions. Creative team processes that strengthen the community. With Eigenland® you create movement - digitally or personally.


So that you get the greatest possible benefit and the best possible added value, choose your preference.

Use Eigenland® yourself. 

If you are a consultant yourself or if you want to use Eigenland® permanently internally, with your value chain or with your customers, you become part of the Eigenland® community as a license partner.

With an expert from the Eigenland® Community. 

Depending on the development topic you choose, an expert from the Eigenland® Community will conduct the project with you and your team. 

With the support of the Eigenland® Team.

Accelerate your development processes and rely on the experience and knowledge of the Eigenland® Team for the efficient conception and execution of your workshop or seminar.