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Eigenland® Multisense:
play the game
& feel the energy

The unique combination of emotion and rationale is what makes Eigenland® Multisense workshops so successful. Not only that – they’re genuinely fun! With Eigenland® Multisense, you can set things in motion in an instant – and make clear and valuable discoveries with surprising speed. They are clear immediately – and they are sustainable. For every area of business.

The Multisense process is clearly structured and reliably plannable. The topics and theses, how long and in what way you implement it – it’s all under your control. Eigenland® Multisense is a never-ending source of strategically intelligent decisions that are substantiated through participation.

Multi-sensory –
sensing what we know.

Through sight, touch, hearing ... Eigenland® Multisense workshops simultaneously appeal to multiple senses, so they open the door to emotion and intuition. Eigenland® Multisense becomes a never-ending source of strategically intelligent decisions.
  • Touch:
    Hands-on group decision-making

    The participants use coloured stones, the “natural resources”, to rate the individual theses. So the ability of each participant to contribute becomes tangible in the truest sense. That’s a strong motivator!

  • Sight:
    Immediately visible results

    The Multisense tool appeals to the  emotions and is designed to be experiential, which adds to the fun factor. The system visualises the results of the workshop in coloured charts. So everyone can see the big picture.

  • Hearing:
    Listening to one another

    In team processes, voices create the mood. The same goes for Multisense workshops: Lively communication within the teams, spontaneous comments, relaxed laughter ... all that goes into making a creative atmosphere. For inspired results!

Eigenland® Multisense sets teams and entire organisations in motion. See how in this short video clip.


  • Eigenland® Multisense

    The heart of Eigenland®. Intuitive and interactive. Participative and productive. 

  • Certification

    Become an Eigenland® licenced partner and enjoy full flexibility and freedom.

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  • Licence

    Become an Eigenland® licenced partner and enjoy full flexibility and freedom.

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  • Theses

    More than 80,000 theses for your successful workshops. Find out how you can benefit from the wisdom of the Eigenland® Community.

  • Eigenland® Portal

    Manage and design your workshops easily via your Eigenland® portal and reap the benefits of the knowledge database.



  • Ready to start instantly

    You receive the complete system equipment including the hardware and software components in a case that is manufactured especially for you. From the iPad and the Eigenland® app to the printer and the rating stones, everything you need to implement and evaluate your Eigenland® workshop successfully is included in the system equipment. The individual components are marked with your co-branding.

  • The software is always up to date

    The Eigenland® software is under continuous development. You will always automatically be using the most up-to-date version with the latest features.

  • Immediately workable results

    New information, well-founded decisions and intelligent solutions quickly emerge during a Multisense workshop.