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As an Eigenland® Multisense consultant, you can independently implement Multisense workshops – in your company, at the customer’s, anywhere. The certification is preceded by a one day intensive training course.

Want to step up the success of the way you design your change topics online as well? In two half-day intensive online training courses, you will learn about the Eigenland® “know-how and know-why” and become authorised to use Eigenland® Online for your digital workshops, conferences and training sessions within your organisation and/or with your customers.

Become part of the community as an Eigenland® Multisense or Online consultant. Get certified now!

Experience how you can soon be implementing exciting workshops in our clip: with our intensive training and certification. 

A wealth of knowledge. And skill.

  • In-depth intensive training

    One day (for Eigenland® Multisense) or two 4-hour sessions (for Eigenland® Online) of intensive training to use the methods successfully.

  • Founded in science

    Learn about the science behind the Eigenland® method.

  • Active training

    Keep sharpening your skills – with intensive implementation and application training.

  • Knowledge transfer

    Lively exchange of best practice, concepts and contents with other Eigenland® consultants.

  • Training materials

    A structured handout and templates  serve as a valuable guideline for you during and after the training.

  • Eigenland® consultant certificate

    After successfully completing the intensive training, you will receive the Eigenland® consultant certificate.

  • Eigenland® Community

    Get to know exciting people! Start your career as a certified Eigenland® consultant ... and become part of the Eigenland® Community.

Experience enjoyment and effectiveness now, and become a part of the Eigenland® Community


Eigenland® Multisense and/or Eigenland® Online


Normal price (one-off)

Per consultant/host
€2,400 net

Bulk price (one-off)        

3 – 5 consultants/hosts 
each €2,000 net


6 – 10 consultants/hosts
each  €1,800 net

> 10 consultants/hosts
each €1,600 net

Certification for both tools?

Are you already certified for Eigenland® Multisense or Eigenland® Online, or would you like to be certified for both tools? Get 50% off the regular price of the second certification.