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Inspire your customers with a playful and more effective event element and turn participants into enthusiastic actors who achieve material and immaterial results with ease and joy. Use the Eigenland® tools for personal or digital events. Or even in combination.

Versatile. Unique.

Use Eigenland® as an interactive and activating event element to bring people to any topic in a valuable (company-wide) exchange of experiences. With Eigenland®, the content of impulse lectures is extended in a practical way, best practices are shared and people are connected with one another. In a playful, participatory process, participants become actors and do so with joy and ease. As a result, the participants take content-related impulses and concrete ideas for their own practice with them from the session.

event / Service desk / 120 participants


Ambidexterity as an organizational principle!

Wolfram Sauer

We value Eigenland as a partner in our New Work Sessions. Eigenland promotes the exchange between participants with different professional backgrounds and experiences. Contents are "extended" in a practical way through impulse lectures and through the exchange with the Eigenland® method. In this way, participants become actors and can quickly experience the topic of New Work and take away new inspiration for everyday work.

(Wolfram Sauer, Head of Public Affairs at New Work SE)

event / New Work / 40 participants

Playful exchange of experiences at XING New Work Sessions

event / Purpose - Pur oder Pose? / 80 participants

Corporate Culture Jam

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Schwuchow

The Eigenland® Multisense method inspires the participants of our HR conferences. With the workshop method it is possible to mobilize the collective cognitive and emotional intelligence of everyone in such a way that visible results arise very quickly. It motivates and mobilizes - regardless of whether it is about strategic, structural or cultural problems, hidden treasures of knowledge are unearthed, new perspectives are discovered and creative solutions are developed.

(Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Schwuchow, University of Bremen)

Helmut Blocher

The Eigenland® Multisense method is a playful method that fits perfectly with our innovative event formats. With the method, impulses from lectures can be deepened in an exchange among the participants. The participants become active actors in the event. And we love the Eigenland® team. The girls and boys think like us, that's why it's so much fun to work with Eigenland®.

(Helmut Blocher, Succus l business forums)

Education / Change management / 20 participants

Eigenland® as lecture format