» Decisively more successful for people and method. «

Certification Titel Background

Eigenland® Certification

After only 3 years more than 450 consultants already use the Eigenland® Workshop Method worldwide. Become a part of the Eigenland® Community as well.

Personal and practical

The seminar certifies you or co-workers as Eigenland consultants. Every certified consultant has the ability to consult on Eigenland in the range of their knowledge from the seminar. An overview of the current appointments is available under the Current tab. In order to get the most out of the information presented about the method and tools, and leave time to discuss individual themes, it is possible for up to 10 people to take part in the certification seminar. If you wish to have an exclusive appointment for your company, then we can accomadate this for you.
Eigenland Certification
«  Playing together, exchanging ideas intensively and shaping the future together - Eigenland is the ideal method for our Business WG. An Eigenland day is inspiring, brings the topics to the point and creates common ground for common ideas - and more.  »
zertifizierter Eigenland Berater

Marc Letzing,


«  As experts for innovative service concepts, we are dependent on quickly understanding initial situations or outlining target images/visions for service organizations within a short period of time. Eigenland® provides us with optimal support - in the workshops, the views of all participants become clear and therefore debatable - the ideal starting point for successful project work.  »
zertifizierte Eigenland Berater

Sandra Gnoth, Roland Schmidkunz,

ZEITGEIST Beratungsmanufaktur GmbH

«  Sehr effiziente Möglichkeit Perspektivenvielfalt zu ermöglichen.  »
Anneliese Breitner (zertifizierte Eigenland Beraterin)

Anneliese Breitner

AnneBreitner GmbH

certification dates

The Unique for you

• Use of an innovative, playful workshop method for more impact
• Reduced pre- and post-processing for your workshop while maintaining higher quality
• Increase your added value
• Scaling your services
• Simplify your processes
• Use of the Eigenland® brand for your own communication
• Positive surprise for your costumers
Eigenland Zertifizierung

The Unique for your Customers

• Target-oriented acceleration of development and transformation processes
• Development of the awareness and attitude of the participants
• Gaining new ideas and insights
• Activation of both parts of the brain of your participants through the unique combination of intuitive and rational approaches
• Anchoring concrete measures
• Dynamizing business development
Eigenland Zertifizierung
Become an Eigenland Consultant
Eigenland Zertifikat
Become an Eigenland Consultant
Our community is continuously growing. Every month exciting new personalities are certified as Eigenland consultants –Either through our open certification appointments, where you will network immediately, or in exclusive internal training sessions.

The next open training dates at a glance:
11.10.2019 - Cologne | still places available!
08.11.2019 - Haltern am See | still places available!
06.12.2019 - Haltern am See or Cologne | still places available!
Zertifizierung Banner
Become a Partner - use added value immediately
Eigenland Workshop Methode - Setting
Become a Partner - use added value immediately
You would like to use the Eigenland® Workshop Method permanently? As Eigenland® license partner you enjoy full freedom and flexibility.
No matter whether you use the Eigenland® Workshop Method with your customers, internally or at your value chain - the unlimited addition of topic modules as well as the unlimited use of the Eigenland® Method is an integral part of your company specific Eigenland® license.

You will receive the complete system equipment including hardware and software components in a custom-made case. From the iPad, the Eigenland® App to the printer, the system equipment includes everything you need for the successful execution of your Eigenland® workshop.

For the administration of your data and topics you get access to the Eigenland® portal, where you can edit your topics and add unlimited new topics.As a sparring partner, we are of course available to you at all times to support you in your thesis development, acquisition, marketing and PR.

Are you interested in purchasing a Eigenland® license? Then simply contact us and we will be happy to give you personal information about our license partner model.

Unlimited Possibilities with the Eigenland® license

Eigenland Setting
Eigenland® Method

With the Eigenland® license you enjoy full freedom and flexibility: unlimited use of the Eigenland® method, access to the Eigenland® portal, where you can manage your topics, edit your topics and add unlimited new topics. At any time we are your sparring partner and support you e.g. in your thesis development.

Service und Support

System features

Eigenland features
System features

The Eigenland system features various hardware and software components (IPad, App, Printer, Play setting, etc), which are required for the execution. All components are in a briefcase (the color is customizable) compact and ready to travel, so that they can be utilized at any moment. If you wish, we can customize the cloth and other components to show your company logo.

Eigenland® Method

Eigenland® Community

Service and Support
Eigenland® Community

As an Eigenland partner, you are also a member of our Eigenland community. You benefit from the Eigenland® expertise, the diverse expert knowledge and the know-how of the network. You get e.g. access to the Eigenland® library, with already more than 75,000 theses and access to shared topics and content.

System features

Service und Support

Eigenland Ansprechpartner
Service und Support

Through this you get support in the acquisition, marketing, and PR (i.e. Eigenland website and networking event). In addition to this, we offer direct and personal assistance and our service-hotline is always available to answer questions.

Eigenland® Community

Eigenland® Method

Eigenland® video library
Statements, impressions and anecdotes about the Eigenland® Workshop Method from exciting personalities.
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This is how you speed up your development processes

We are convinced, that everything needed to be successful is already within your Organization. The key difference between average results and the greatest possible success stems from engaging the expertise and knowledge from you team sinfully and participatory.

Eigenland® can be used wherever people work together. Whether as a workshop, event or co-creation format - the Eigenland® Workshop method can always be adjust exactly to your needs, your circle of participants and your goals.The Eigenland® Workshop method is scalable according to your number of participants, can be carried out with several groups at the same time and can be easily and modularly combined with other workshop formats.
workshop Veranstaltung

The Particular for your Organization

• Measurable acceleration of development and transformation
• Energized people, who are ready to say “Yes” and leave their comfort zone
• Usage of the intuitive experience for your company
• Excited users
• Development of concrete ideas and the configuration of awareness and attitude
Eigenland Thesenbewertung

The Particular for your users

• Usage of an innovative, playful and humancentric Workshop method
• Activation of both sides of the brain (intuition and ratio)
• Experiencing a one of a kind connection between playful, haptic, and digital elements
• Attainable results through the immediate evaluation
• Goal orientated and rich dialog – even with critical topics
• Orientation, meaningfulness and participation
Eigenland Workshop Ergebnisse

Your Results

• Immaterial Results: Attitude, perspective, internal commitment and a common mindset
• Material Results: Behavior, ideas, solutions, measures, and impact
• Examples: Development and implementation of strategy, motivated plan for the future (vision, mission, passion), developed and shared Organization/Leadership culture including concrete guiding principles, heightened employee satisfaction, digitalization, agility, innovation, teambuilding, new products, and active inclusion of employees
• Co-creation with customers and partners
Eigenland Workshop Insel

Your Application options:

• Format: Workshops, conferences, trainings
• Themes: Successful implementation for every company’s action plan
• Participant structure: From Management to trainee – suitable for every position
• umber of participants: 4-12 people per group, with the number of groups participating at once or together is up to preference
• Time: From 2 hours to maximum 1 day
• Content: 100% customizable
• Phases: Useful in each developmental phase
Eigenland Workshop Setting

Eigenland® as an enthusiastic event element

With Eigenland® you use a demonstrably successful method for your events. Whether 4, 20, 100 or 300 participants at the same time - there are no upper limits. The Eigenland® Workshop Method can always be flexibly adapted to your needs and your topic.

Intuitiv, Playful, Interactiv and Participative

- is the experience of the participants - from the board of directors of a Dax group to specialists, managers and apprentices. In the Eigenland® session the participants enter into a cross-company exchange of experience and share best practices and ideas.
The participants become actors with joy and ease. As a result, the participants take along impulses and concrete ideas from the Eigenland® session.
Eigenland Workshop Service Desk Forum
Eigenland Workshop Methode - Veranstaltung
Eigenland Workshop Methode - Veranstaltung
Eigenland Workshop Methode - Veranstaltung
Eigenland Workshop Methode - Veranstaltung
Eigenland Workshop Methode - Veranstaltung
Eigenland Workshop Methode - Veranstaltung
Eigenland Workshop Methode - Veranstaltung
Eigenland® live
Corporate Culture Jam - Eigenland Workshop
Eigenland® live
Would you like to get to know and participate in the Eigenland® Workshop Method live?

Below you will find the upcoming events where the Eigenland® method is an integral part of the event program:

XING New Work Session (25. September 2019)
– Kaufleuten, Zürich – 

Business Unusual Forum (28. October 2019)
– factory Hotel, Münster –

Corporate Culture Jam (29/30. October 2019)
– Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt am Main – 

Costumer Experience Forum (06./07. November 2019)
– Design Offices Cologne - Dominium, Cologne –

Banken Challenge 2025 (27/28. November 2019)
– Leonardo Royal Hotel, Cologne –