» It has to be different.«

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"It has to be different" - basic impulse for the development of the Eigenland® method
Eigenland Workshop Methode
"It has to be different" - basic impulse for the development of the Eigenland® method
The basic idea was created after an exhausting workshop lacking in pleasure. People dominated the group, insufficient new knowledge had been gained and after the workshop less was achieved than planned.

In short, as an innovative, playful alternative, the Eigenland® Workshop method was developed, with which you can easily Analyse various business areas in a structured and time-saving way.

The special aspect: The Eigenland® Workshop method uses the intuitive knowledge of teams.

So funktioniert's

Lernen Sie Eigenland® in nur zwei Minuten kennen, verstehen und lieben. Als wertschöpfender Mix aus Think-Tank und Workshop bietet die Workshop Methode Ihnen und Ihrem Team einen einfach strukturierten Prozess und die einzigartige Verbindung spielerischer, haptischer, digitaler und intuitiver Elemente. Themen und Thesen können Sie mit Eigenland® – entsprechend Ihrer Zielsetzung bzw. der Ihres Kunden – ganz flexibel und frei gestalten. Auch die Durchführungsart und -dauer Ihres Workshops ist individuell skalierbar: von 1 Std. bis 1 Tag Dauer, einem Teilnehmerkreis von 4 bis 12 Personen pro Gruppe und bis nahezu unendlich vieler Gruppen gleichzeitig oder nacheinander. Ob Deutsch, Englisch oder sogar Türkisch – Sprachlich sind keinerlei Grenzen gesetzt.

Create simple movements

Only Eigenland offers an easy and structured process and the unique connection between playful, multi-sensory, digital, and intuitive elements. This day team-event is anything but normal.

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Discovering themes together

Companies, Teams, and Themes can be viewed as an island: They all contain unexplored areas and hidden treasures, which are to be realized together. Eigenland uses this playful vision to address serious themes. Whether you choose out of our Eigenland library or create your very own theme: Every Eigenland theme will be holistically and expediently split into six categories and will be distributed to six Island- features.

Create a picture together

Analyze theses intuitively

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Analyze theses intuitively

Every one of the six Themes contains up to 10 theses, which outline the theme ideality. These theses are presented as “treasure hunters” and the first thesis will be read out by a participant. The positively formed expressions lead to the participants to create an intuitive estimation, which creates new insights and perceptions.

Discovering themes together

Haptic Experience

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Haptic Experience

Now, all participants intuitively select one of the five “treasures” ranging from tar (“not applicable”) to gold (“very applicable”). Hierarchy and leadership are not of importance because every voice is important. When the moderator says so, all participants drop their “treasure” at the same time into the middle of the island anonymously.

Analyze theses intuitively

Evaluate results instantly

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Evaluate results instantly

The moderator inserts the results into the Eigenland app and the next thesis is addressed. Once all treasure hunters from one category are evaluated, the app immediately calculates the result. The app creates direct and appealing visual “Navigator- sheets” with simple and easy to understand diagrams, which are printed for every participant.

Haptic Experience

Appreciative dialogue

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Appreciative dialogue

Now the results, based on the Navigator-sheets are discussed rationally together. Instantaneously it is clear, which themes the group are not in agreement with or
create polarization. With the help of the moderator, participants navigate through the themes: An appreciative and value-adding discourse occurs. Incredibly quickly perspectives are shared, potential is realized, and ideas are created.

Evaluate results instantly

Create a picture together

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Create a picture together

This is how all 6 dimensions are intuitively analyzed and discussed rationally together. At the end of the all-day team- meeting a single Island will be created based on the discussion and results of the theses. This creates a singular picture for the development theme, which portrays potentials and where they can be realized- Quick wins, Solutions, Community feeling, Commitment, and a Creative Drive are the result.

Appreciative dialogue

Discovering themes together

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Finally available.

The Eigenland® Workshop method takes advantage of the unconscious experience, uses the power of gamification and leads you and your participants to completely new, surprising and sustainable insights.

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In a game, participants feel freer and more connected, are open to new experiences and discover new relationships. In addition, the participants are involved in shaping the course of the game, and clear rules ensure that hierarchies are resolved, each participant is heard with their opinion, and thus they can actively participate in shaping the development process. The gaming situation solves rationalization constraints and thus promotes potential for discussion.

Icon Brainresearch

Brain and intuition research

Only 0.0004% of the information is consciously perceived. The rest of 99.9996% are saved into our knowledge databank and will be the basis for intuitive decisions. Intuitively humans fall back on their tacit knowledge in very complex situations, in order to make decisions and act accordingly. The actual decision-maker is often our “gut”. It distinguishes within seconds the useful from the useless information, takes our experience into account, and makes decisions for the most promising outcome.

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More attention, a high memory value, and a quick recognition - the human brain learns easier, when several senses are addressed simultaneously. The haptic gaming experience, the collaborative theses discourse, which is supported by moderators, generate tangible and intangible results for you and your participants efficiently and in the shortest time possible.

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Good prospects for success

With Eigenland®, material and immaterial success can be increased by the goal-oriented dynamization of development processes.

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Real participation and enthusiasm for development
Icon guiding
The guiding principle
New insights and focus on promising activities
Icon painless
Immediately clarity and appreciative solution of uncomfortable subjects
Icon Icon better
Icon better
Fresh dynamics, common perspective and new surprising insights
Icon efficient
Maximum flexibility thanks to lean processes and scalable methodology
Icon fast
High speed and result quality and immediate solutions and ideas

Effective at every time

Whether for the beginning, the present, or the future – Eigenland offers new impulses, solutions and ideas at any point in time.

Icon Start
For the Perfect start
To start a project use Eigenland to realize the developmental themes and set goals together. Through this you set strong impulses, reach results quicker, and start a productive, quick, and effective process.
Icon Speeding
Speeding up the Process
Have you already started the development, but you want to speed up the process and reach your goals quicker? Then use our tool as an effective accelerator. You will immediately produce movement, solve inefficiencies, and pivot energy to activities, which will achieve the goal quicker.
Icon goal
For the next steps
Eigenland helps, as a way to look for future trends, achieve new affects, create new innovative ideas, and hold on to valuable traits for future success. All participants profit from the common knowledge learned and apply it directly.

Diverse fields of application

Design possibilities

  • 100% customizable and shaped by your Know-How
  • Target-oriented creation of your topic by accessing the Eigenland® library with more than 75.000 theses
  • Time: From 2 hours to maximum 1 day
  • Number of participants: 4-12 people per group, with the number of groups

Application options

  • various applications, e.g. in usual workshop groups, while seminars or while events runs simultaneously
  • successful implementation for every company’s action plan
  • useful in each developmental phase
  • from Management to trainee – suitable for every position
  • a modular element to other workshop methods such as Business model canvas, Design-Thinking
«  We went through a fundamental analysis, considered our intuitions, and quickly achieved concrete solutions, all while having fun!  »
Portrait Mario Kestler

Mario Kestler,

CEO of the Haufe Academy in Freiburg


«  I was impressed with how quickly it reached results and surprised at the in depth analysis of separate divisions.  »
Portrait Rolf Schröder

Rolf Schröder

responsible for project management at Deutsche Telekom Technic, Deutsche Telekom AG

«  The icing on the cake is the immediate data analysis by professionals, which is presented in a comprehensible way.  »
Portrait Kerstin Friedrich

Kerstin Friedrich

Consultant, Top Expert for EKS, Best Selling Author in Business

«  Our sales managers have gained new insights and achieved clarity in just one day. At the end of the day, there was a plan of action to achieve our goals and the commitment of the stakeholders.  »
Portrait Carsten Beier

Carsten Beier

Managing director quick-mix Group GmbH & Co. KG


«  Eigenland® has shown that it is possible to exchange opinions and information with different actors along an industrial value chain.  »
Portrait Dr. Jaqueline Kusan-Bindels

Dr. Jaqueline Kusan-Bindels

Leader for industrial marketing for furniture at Covestro Deutschland A

Best Practices

Mit Eigenland® zum optimalen Ergebnis

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The Particulars:
Intuitive knowledge can be discussed in a short amount of time
Best-Practice Eigenland Workshop Methode

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Shaping the Future together
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Change Management

The Particulars:
Achieve effect with pleasure and ease.
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Product innovation

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In a little time.
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Fast & Structured.
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Fast and concrete
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From You and I to We and Us
Leadership Best Practice Eigenland® Workshop Methode


The Particulars:
Intuitive knowledge can be discussed in a short amount of time
New Work Best Practice Eigenland® Workshop Methode

New Work

The Particulars:
Exchange of experiences intuitive, interactive, participatory and playful.
Corporate Culture Best Practice

Corporate Culture

The Particulars:
very effective and playful
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Department Merger

The Particulars:
Structured & future-oriented.