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Eventeigenland® certification



For more speed and quality in the design of your change topics.

With the eigenland® certification you get to know the eigenland® Know-How and Know-Why and get the right to use the eigenland® tools for your digital workshops, conferences & trainings in your organization and/or with your customers.

Your certification as an eigenland® Consultant:in will take place in a full-day intensive training. The focus in the eigenland® certification is on the scientific and methodological background as well as on the intensive implementation and application training of the eigenland® tools.

You will receive valuable practical experience (concepts, content, best practices) from the eigenland® community and together we will develop concrete ideas and possible applications for your topics. 

Certification is your ticket to the eigenland® community. 

The budget is one-time:

1 - 3 persons: 2,400 €/person (net)
4 - 6 persons: 2,000 €/person (net)
7 - 10 persons:  1,800 €/person (net)
> 10 people: 1,600 €/person (net)

As a participant you receive through the eigenland® certification the right to conduct eigenland® workshops, sessions, events / conferences and seminars / trainings. Even after certification, we are of course your reliable sparring partner and you will receive the know-how, templates, workshop concepts and practical ideas to efficiently advance your topics.


Become part of the eigenland® community and get certified for the independent use of eigenland® Multisense and eigenland® Online. The certification can take place online, hybrid or in presence, as desired.
You still have questions? Then feel free to contact us at any time.

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eigenland Multisense workshop
Nora Mönning, Managerin product & consulting by Eigenland GmbH

Her goal: to develop tools and methods that help companies to shape development with ease and pleasure. As a cultural scientist, lateral thinker and passionate footballer, she brings experience from successful development projects and disciplines, such as strategic consulting or creative conception.


9 am - 1 pm

Getting to know the eigenland® system and the eigenland® method

In the first half of the day you will get to know, understand and love the eigenland® tools. 
You will get to know the special features and the neuro- and socio-scientific background of the eigenland® method. In addition, you will experience best practices, benefit from the experiences of the eigenland® community and we will think together for possible applications to your topics. 
Individual. Inspiring. Valuable.

2 am - 5 pm

Intensive implementation and application training

So that you can get started immediately after certification and effectively advance your topics, we develop your content together in an intensive implementation and application training and already formulate initial theses for your use. 
You will learn workshop concepts, receive exciting tips and tricks for the implementation of your workshops and sessions and diverse content to ideally support your goals. 
Of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to network and exchange ideas with the other participants of the certification. 

  • eigenland Online Zertifizierung

  • eigenland Online Workshop

  • eigenland Online Zertifizierung

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