Vision & Success - Best Practice Eigenland Workshop Methode
Vision & Success

Initial Position:
• The retail industry is affected by profound market changes: new customer needs, new logistics structures.
• Following a successful growth in recent years, the further development of one's own vision and the image of success has not been continuously adjusted.

• Perceiving the opportunities the market offers.
• Development of a common vision within the Group.
• Definition of common goals for the future and a common vision of success.
• Creating orientation and meaning for employees through a shared vision.

• Half-day workshop with 12 executives from the working group "Vision and Success."
• Start with the introduction of best practice examples and short video sequences.
• Subsequent editing of four fields of action on the subject of "Vision and the image of success".
• Handling of three specific questions for the further course of action and implementation of the prepared measures.

• Gaining a common mindset.
• Developing a common vision and a shared vision of success.
• Formulation of the key success factors for the future.
• Definition of initial ideas and measures for a successful implementation of the identified success factors.
• Development of a first draft for a Golden Circle (Why-How-What).
• Development of a common vision with the Eigenland® method.