Produkt innovation - Best Practice Eigenland Workshop Methode
Product innovation

Initial Position:
• As part of a product enhancement, the Group has developed two prototypes for new App services.
• Which of the two app variants should be introduced is still unclear.

• Analysis of two app variants in terms of market attractiveness, feasibility and business effects.
• Decision security for the participants, which prototype is the most sensible alternative.
• Analysis of further procedure: further development of prototype 1, prototype 2 or both prototypes.

• Carrying out a short Eigenland® session with 12 participants.
• Processing of five fields of action with 25 theses to deal with the topic product innovation. The theses include context-appropriate decision criteria for a new app or digital services.
• To sharpen the results of the short Eigenland® workshop Design Thinking was used as well.

• Evaluation and prioritization of existing prototypes based on decision criteria.
• Decision of the team for the further development of a prototype with an adapted objective.
• Holistic examination of the second prototype with regard to the existing concept, the further procedure and a higher value added.