New Work Best Practice Eigenland® Workshop Methode
New Work

Initial Position:
• The world of work change fundamentally and structurally throughout the course of time- New Work is the term of this transformation.
• The digital transformation decouples work from well-defined spaces and times, from classic working environments, habits, and thought patterns.
• At the same time, culture gains a new meaning in companies and becomes an invaluable asset to the future viability of businesses.

• Understanding and sensitizing the participants for the topic New Work..
• Encourage the exchange of experience and practice between the participants.
• Generating impulses and ideas for their own company and daily work.
• Sharing the question of how New Work and tomorrow's workforce become the key to success for companies

• Carrying out a brief Eigenland® session as an event element, in addition to keynote speakers, best practice examples and workshops.
• Participation of about 40 cross-functional event participants from different companies. 
• Thesis evaluation and a short theses discussion as well as an exchange of experiences on two fields of action on the topic "New Work Future".

• Cross-company exchange of experiences between the participants on the success factors of tomorrow's working environment.
• Sharing perspectives and exchanging ideas about first ideas or measures for the daily work.
• Presentation of best practice examples from own companies.