Leadership Best Practice Eigenland® Workshop Methode

Initial Position:
• In addition to digitizing the product level, the company also wants to put corporate culture in the focus of digital aspirations.
• The company wishes to transform the culture, which is characterized by classical hierarchy, into a more cooperative and innovative culture
• The first milestone in this direction has already been set. The new chairmanship is someone who does not come from their own company for the first time.

• Raising awareness among senior executives about digitization in the enterprise.
• Developing a common understanding of a new leadership culture and leadership among all leaders.
• Definition of initial ideas and measures for a sustainable organization.

• The half-day Eigenland® session is part of an annual management meeting with around 120 executives.
• Start of the project with two keynote speeches in order to give executives valuable external impulses.
• In the subsequent interactive Eigenland® session, the participants explored their assessments and attitudes to the daily leadership topics in four fields of action, in order to shape them in common discourse and to develop solutions.

• Creating a common image, as is currently the case for the leadership culture with regard to the requirements of a digital world.
• Definition scores of ideas and measures so that the development and transformation process succeeds successfully.
• Successful development of the awareness and attitude of leaders for a new (leadership) culture in the context of digital transformation.
• Definition of concrete measures and ideas for the way forward and future behavior.