Department Merger - Best Practice Eigenland® Workshop Methode
Department Merger

Initial Position:
• The recommendation of a project team in a non-profit organization is a merger of two departments due to similar orientation and similar roles.
• There is a different latitude for the merger due to partial very long affiliation.
• In both departments, there are still plenty of untapped potential and many efficiency advantages.
• So far, strong silos in the individual fields of activity.

• Gaining a common mindset and creating a signpost for the participants.
• Strengthen the collaboration between departments.
• Recording the wishes and ideas of the employees in order to integrate them in the change process.
• Collection of ideas for meaningful, future structures.

• Eigenland® day workshop with the processing of six fields of action during a major change process on the subject of departmental fusion.
• Implementation of the workshop to start the project implementation with approx. 40 participants, including all project stakeholders, project participants and the new department head.

• Stimulating discussion of strategic and operational issues without consideration of hierarchies.
• The workshop has turned a large number of participants into actors, as the workshop focused on equal participation in the process of change.
• Development of many concrete ideas to achieve the goals of greater internal networking, innovation and agility.