Corporate Culture - Best Practice Eigenland® Workshop Methode
Corporate Culture

Initial Position:
• This company has the desire to empower employees and to increase their efficiency in a cooperative collaboration, to increase their market position in existing markets and to conquer new markets.
• Employees tend to stay longer in the company and the culture is learned and anchored accordingly.
• In the context of succession, employees have not always been as accepted as leaders.

• Developing a common understanding with regard to the future viability of the company.
• Creation of orientation and clarity for all employees in relation to cultural change in the company (objectives & vision, definition of rational and emotional reasons for the outlined future, development of a binding approach)
• Development of ideas and concrete measures to increase the performance of the company and cooperation in the context of a new office building.

• Implementation of the Eigenland® workshop with a cross-functional, interdisciplinary team of 15 participants including the managing director.
• Editing six defined fields of action with 60 theses for an intuitive assessment followed by a theses discourse and the processing of three target questions in groups.

• Through a trusting openness and solution-oriented approach of the team, painful topics have also been addressed appreciatively.
• Definition of success factors and a common vision for a meaningful way of working together and incorporating culture.
• Development of concrete first ideas and measures in the context of a new office building
• Definition of fields of action for the further development and increase of the efficiency of the company.
• Strengthening the loyalty of employees and developing the leadership culture.