Corporate Culture Best Practice
Corporate Culture

Initial Position:
• According to an employee survey, the corporate culture should radically change, and the potential development of the employees and the subject value creation through appreciation should be emphasized.

• The trainees recognize and understand what and, why this should be achieved together (meaning and awareness).
• The trainee mission statement is known and understood and will be further developed as needed.
• Implementation of the developed measures and ideas.

• Eigenland® daily workshop with all 60 trainees in the context of meaningful cooperation in the company.
• Editing six defined fields of action with 60 theses for an intuitive evaluation followed by a theses course.

• Generating a common awareness of the topic "meaningful cooperation".
• The trainees have realized that they are an active and co-responsible person in the development process.
• Definition of concrete ideas and procedures for activating people and the organization.
• Further development and final adoption of the trainee mission statement.