Best Practice Eigenland Workshop Methode
Change Management

Initial Position:
• The insurance group is arranged in an intensive development and transformation process: new framework of conditions is being created, people have to change and earnings pressure has increased.
• Leadership training is available to all managers, group leaders and department heads to achieve the intangible and material goals for the company, the teams and for themselves.

• Changing the behavior of participants in everyday business, through a new attitude and new insights.
• The participants act as multipliers for the desired messages.
• Increased courage, more learning, more satisfaction, leaving the comfort zone, activation of other employees and, as a result, a positive development of the economic indicators.

• Use of the Eigenland® method during a one-day seminar with 13 executives.
• Start of the seminar with a short introductory lecture followed by an Eigenland® workshop with the topic change management.
• Processing of six fields of action including practical / theoretical impulses and action alternatives in connection with an interactive exchange of experiences.
• Answering three questions by subgroups and then presenting the results by the participants.

• Definition of concrete ideas and measures for everyday working life, e.g. through the transcript of the day or the restructure of the three key findings for each participant.
• Getting to know helpful methods and procedures in specific example situations.
• Development of concrete guidelines by Eigenland® theses for everyday professional life for self-control.
• Changing one's attitude: more courageous, open, authentic, knowing and adaptive behavior according to the desired leadership culture.